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Celebration Of Lights - ISW Diwali

Pradeep Sharma

The India Society of Worcester celebrated Diwali on Sunday October 27th at Marlboro Middle School. Every year we try to touch upon all the aspects of Diwali, so that the community members can enjoy Diwali and feel as though they are back home. Our Diwali program starts with the Laxmipujan, followed by the cultural program, and dinner.

The Laxmipujan was headed and conducted by Mr. Shyam S. Sharma, Chairperson of the Religious committee. Our Cultural Secretary, Mrs. Renuka Garg, put the popular ISW cultural program together. The program was full of classical, folk, and filmy dances, as well as songs and bhajans sung by local talents. Mrs. Meera Gupta, our Vice President, tastefully selected the dinner menu. The eloquent “Rajshi” decoration for the hall, stage, and food court was done by Mrs. Shobha Shastry’s ALANKAR. The decorum added the color and charm of an authentic desi Diwali.

More than 600 people attended the cultural program and more than 400 people enjoyed the dinner. The other highlights of the function were the Scholarship Awards, which are given to the high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. The Scholarship Committee Chairperson, Shri Garg, handed out the awards. Awards are handed out every year. For details visit our website: www.iswonline.org.

The ISW also recognized Dr. Kalyan Ghosh and family, Smti Hasumati Patel and family, and Smt. Neelam Wali and family, for all their hard work and dedication.

ISW is holding a fundraising raffle in order to raise money for the construction of the India Center. The tickets are $100 each and the prize is a brand new BMW 325 XI all wheel drive. The drawing will take place on the day of the India Center Opening Day at the India Center in Shrewsbury, MA. The date will be announced in the near future. Raffle tickets are still available. For tickets please contact:

Pradeep Sharma (508) 829-2900

Satya Mitra (508) 797-0005

Every one of our Diwali programs is memorable and different, that is why people look forward to attend every year. It is only possible when you have enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers and we are very fortunate in this matter. Last, but not least, I must thank the executive committee members who are Meera Gupta, Pradeep Ahluwalia, Neena Mohanka, Rajiv Dayal, Vijay Jain, Renuka Garg, Carolyn Passey, Shyam Sharma, Bharti Bhakta, Harsh Verma, and Ragini Seth. Other volunteers were Jitendra Seth who was in charge of taking pictures during the event, Kiran Sharma, Shiamin Melville, Bhumika Seth, Jigar, Neeraj Mohanka. Satya Mitra, Seema Mitra, Sahdev Passey, Hasumati Patel, and many many more. My sincere thanks goes out to you.

India Society of Worcester, affectionately known as ISW, is one of the most vibrant Indian Associations established in 1963. Its programs and activities focus on fostering the cultural heritage of India and enriching the cultural diversity of the region. This non-religious nonpolitical cultural organization is run entirely by volunteers with support and patronage from its growing membership representing all regions of India. ISW website is www.iswonline.org and our India Center is located at 152 W. Main Street, Shrewsbury, MA.

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