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Gujarati Drama - SIDDH HEM

Chandu Shah

Gujarati Play

When: Friday August 7, 2009
Time: 8:30 pm
Where: Museum of National Heritage, Lexington, MA
Tickets: $25 and $35

The Gujarati Play SIDDH HEM was the most eagerly awaited item at the JAINA Convention 2009 in Los Angeles.  It was going to be a world Premiere of the play – a historic moment for Gujarati Rangbhoomi that a major Gujarati play produced in India by Indian team would perform in USA before any show in India. This play was specially brought from Mumbai by the team who 2 years ago had performed APURVA AVSAR play based on the life of Shrimad Raj Chandra at 2007 JAINA Convention.

SIDDH HEM play is based on the life of Acharya Hemchandracharya.  Born in 1089 AD, this man who is an encyclopedia in Himself, Acharya Shri Hemchandrasuri is supposed to have created our speaking language as he created the 3.5 million shlokas in the 84 years of his intelligent life about 900 years ago – Yog Shastra, Vitrag Sutra, TRISTHSHALAKA PURUSH, Drayashraya in Sanskrit and also in Prakrit. It is impossible to imagine Gujarati language without Hemchandracharyas creations of so many of its components.

He regularized Gujarati language by authoring first grammar SIDDHEM SHABDANUSHASAN, CHHANDSHASTRA and Alankar Shastra.  He also wrote a Hindu prayer Mahadev Stotra. Other notable treaties he gave were Pramanmimansa (Logic) and Arihantniti (similar to Chankya Niti). The 2 hour play became the most talked about item of the convention and over 8 invitations were extended to the team to perform in various cities in America during the next month and half.

Once in a life time opportunity to watch a pure JAIN play which is as appealing to any one speaking Gujarati language. The show is fully supported by Jain Center of Greater Boston (JCGB) and Jain Sangh of New England (JSNE). Leaders of both organizations are eager for their members to see the play. Part of the proceed has been promised to be donated to both JAIN organizations.

The play is being hosted by Chandu Shah, who has sponsored many classic plays before. He can be reached at 781.942.1690 or at chandu420@gmail.com for additional Information.

Tickets are $25 and $35. For more information please call; Chandu Shah 781.942.1690, Anil Shah 781.272.3666 or Nisha Vora 508.393.2490.

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