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Music Review - LUCK

Ranjani Saigal

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There is no doubt that the music of 'Kaal' and in particular the title track picturized on Shahrukh Khan and Malaika Arora Khan, succeeded in giving the film a huge opening. It therefore comes as no surprise that director Soham Shah has once again teamed up with music duo Salim-Sulaiman to repeat the magic of 'Kaal'.

The album gets an energetic start with the title track, ''Luck Aazma'', which can be classified as the theme track as it contains the essence/spirit of movie. Naturally, the king of inspiring songs, Sukhwinder Singh is the perfect choice and he delivers as usual and is well supported by Satya Hinduja. The remixed version is quicker and it wouldn't be surprising to find a promotional music video of the same, featuring all the actors (just like for 'Kaal').

For the first time in the album a female voice is heard and it's a pleasant surprise indeed since the person making her debut behind the mike is none other than Shruti Haasan herself.

Though it's a slow start for her version of the title track (named 'Aazma - Luck Is The Key'), one looks forward to what Shruti has to offer as she gets into the pop mode. She is well supported by Clinton Cerejo who gives her company with her English portions.

Arrangements are a little different for this version as Salim-Sulaiman gives it an entirely Western touch unlike the Sukhwinder version that had an Indian feel to it. Shruti does well with her debut.

The next number, ''Khudaya Ve'', is inspired heavily from the background signature tune of the duo's last hit 'Fashion'. Salim sings with feelings but his diction is simply weak. The number is a sad one and naturally the rhythm is slow, but not too gloomy and that is the only bright part! There are two remixed versions of the song and it is similar to the original and not much has been taken to give it some flavor.

Luck Anvita Dutt Guptan is the guest lyricist in Luck as she contributes with 'Jee Le'. A number that comes with loads of attitude, 'Jee Le' is a Shruti Pathak number with Naresh Kamath giving her good support.

A catchy track with a slight Middle-East flavour to it, it has a faint resemblance to 'Halla Re' [Neil N Nikki] that again was a Salim-Sulaiman composition.

Since the film revolves around betting oneself, the track ''Laaga Le'' dedicates itself to the theme. A sizzling paced track that may not sound great at the first hearing but in the context of the movie, it is a well composed, arranged and rendered (Anushka Manchanda, Robert 'Bob' Omulo) number. Its placement in the film will surely be at a very important and tense stage.

Overall a good album - not up to the Salim -Sulaiman standards.. but not bad.

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