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TAGB Celebrates Diwali


TAGB Deepavali function was held at Keefe Technical High school, Framingham on November 23, 2002. The program attracted a large crowd of about 400 Telugus. Smt.Madhavi Vedantham was the Master of Ceremonies. The program started with Prarthana by Smt. Durga followed by Vichitra Vesha Dharana (Fancy dress) by Kids. Pushpanjali dance was performed by Priyanka. Master Sridhar played Veena. The Sivathandavam performed by Smt. Prafulla's students was a treat to watch. Uttam danced for film tunes. Trophies to the kids are presented by Sri Subbu Kota garu.

Dance for the song 'Madhura Madhura' was performed very well by Sowmya, Renuka, Haritha and Manasa. The 'Indra' movie dance by Pranathi, Praneetha, Sowmya and Bhavana was nicely choreographed and rendered. After the dinner Sravanthi Madala's classical Bharatha natyam dance 'Shambho' and Kuchipudi dance by Dr. Subha Marvada was simply superb. Finally, the 'Bandi Bandi' dance by Rajiv, Rishi and Roshan from the Movie 'Jayam' was well appreciated. Sri Govinda Rao Bhiseety and Dr. S. Nageswara Rao also presented trophies to the performers.

Sri Ranjan Vadlapatla addressed the gathering and explained at length various programs done/taken up by TAGB so far this year. Sri Ravi Pattisam did Pulichintala Project power point presentation. Dr. Venna Nagagopal, Surgeon of the Year was honored by TAGB president and executive committee members.

The highlight of the evening was the Comedy drama 'Antha Scene Ledhu!'. It got an excellent response from the audience. The laughs and hand claps continued throughout the drama. The artists, personally got sincere appreciation by the audience during the dinner time. Many people expressed keen interest in the drama and also the fact that they would like to see more such programs in the future.

The drama revolves around arrogant Retired Major Ranga Rayudu and his family members. Ranga Rayudu's wife Annapurna is a typical house wife who strives hard to make ends meet within the limited amount of pension money. Ranga Rayudu's sons Pedda and Chinna are two comic characters who gave up studies and live in their own imaginary world. Ranga Rayudu gets suspicious about his daughter Lepakshi (a medical student) and thinks that she might be having an affair. He asks Pedda and Chinna to investigate their younger sister's activities. They plot many comic tricks which end in miserable failures. After futile detection efforts by Pedda and Chinna, Ranga Rayudu decides to perform his daughter's marriage immediately with Satti Babu. Satti Babu turns out to be Natti Babu, then Pitchi Babu and Police Venkataswamy catches him and takes him back to mental hospital. Lepakshi teaches her father a lesson by marrying a begger Bikshapati. Bikshapati is a fire brand hyderabadi character (who does so many tricks as begger to fool people ) and his dance with Lepakshi is one of the main highlights of the drama. Ranga Rayudu changes his heart and ready to accept Bikshapathi as his son in law. Finally Major Chandrakant (Rangarayudu's collegue) enters the stage and stops the proceedings with dialogue 'Agandi! Agandi! Antha Scene Ledhu!'... What happens then is left to your imagination.

The audio track of the drama is pre-recorded with excellent background music and songs. The make-up, sets, costumes of artists and special effects like focus lights, disco lights, fog generation during song made it a visual treat. The trophies to the drama artists was awarded by TAGB President Sri Ranjan Vadlapatla who appreciated the artists for their performance. The drama artists are: Ranga Rayudu - Mr. Madhu Chary , Annapurna - Smt. Smitha Chary, Pedda Rayudu - Mr. Ranga Vedantham, Chinna Rayudu - Mr. Sridhar Kuppanna, Lepakshi - Smt. Kiranmayi Totapally, Bikshapathi - Mr. Sainaresh Totapally, Satti Babu - Mr. Madhu Malisetty, Police Venkata Swamy - Mr. Mallikarjuna Rao, Major Chandrakanth - Mr. Nageswararao Sivapurapu, Rajeswari - Smt. Vijaya Vanga (Audio support), Story, Screenplay - Mr. Madhu Chary, Audio Engineering - Mr. Srinivas Vanga, Producer Ranjan Vadlapatla.

Smt. Madhavi Vedantham (Master of Ceremonies) did a wonderful job with her timely comments. Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Jyothi Sammeta. As usual excellent dinner was provided by Swagat Restaurant.

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TAGB President Ranjan Vadlapatla

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