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Meet Sunidhi Chauhan - A Legend in the Making

Ranjani Saigal

I wait eagerly to meet Sunidhi Chauhan as I am supposed to introduce her to the audience at the Bollywood talent show. I was anxiously asking everyone back stage to tell me as soon as Sunidhi arrives for I needed to talk to her. Suddenly Ravi Chaudhary, the organizer points to someone standing near the audio booth and says – “There she is.” I was quite shocked. Somehow I had already built an image of a girl with makeup plastering her face wearing a glitzy dress – for that is my image of Bollywood! Instead when I looked I found a sweet, simply dressed nineteen year old with tastefully done makeup intensely focusing on her music. “Oh I do not need a huge introduction. My music will be my introduction,” says this charming 19 year old as I quiz her on how I should present her. She strikes her first few notes and you know she has charmed the whole audience! She is happy dancing with the young girls and boys who she invites to the stage and even after seems completely at home with them.

I finally had the chance to talk to her at the Kashmir restaurant after the show.

Lokvani – We thank you for coming here to support this Bollywood talent show. I hope it was fun for you.

Sunidhi – Oh it is my pleasure. As you probably know I was 6 when I was discovered through a talent show. I love encouraging other youngsters to follow along this route.

Lokvani – Glad to hear it. What do you think about our young New England talent?

Sunidhi – I am so amazed to see the quality of performance. To be perfectly honest I did not expect such high quality. (She looks at Amrita standing next to me) You danced a classical number, did you not? You were so good.

Lokvani – We are glad to hear this. We hope you enjoyed the show as a whole.

Sunidhi – It was great. It was well put together. I told Ravi Chaudhary that we should telecast this show in India. I can help arrange that. The fashion show was wonderful. I loved some of the “Aalok” dresses. They were so beautiful. I have put in a request for a few of them and Ravi has promised to bring them to India in December.

Lokvani – After watching our performers what do you think the future holds for them?

Sunidhi – Well I think they could easily be part of Bollywood. I and my husband Bobby Khan are planning to work with Bollywood Talent in the future to see how we can help take this talent to the next level.

Lokvani – What do you think of our city?

Sunidhi – I love Boston. People are so nice here. Ravi Chadhury has taken good care of us and has treated us almost like family. I like this place so much that I would even like to think about settling down here.

Lokvani : You have won so many awards. RD Burman award for the best debut female singer, Lata Mangeshkar award for Mere Awaz Suno to name a few. You are so young and have done so much. What does the future hold for you?

Sunidhi – There is so much more I still want to do. Bobby Khan (my husband) is shooting a film and I am starring in it. I love to dance. I love to sing. I would like to explore new directions. I hope I can go international with my singing rather than just singing in India.

Lokvani – Have you had formal music training? Do you continue to train?

Sunidhi – I did not begin with any formal training. I just have the knack (God given) of being able to copy any tune, even complex classical tunes. But I love to listen to music. Mariah Carey is my favorite. But now I am taking training in Classical music.

Lokvani - What do you enjoy more singing for movies or making your own video albums, and why?

Sunidhi - Both are both totally different jobs and I like doing both. But in private albums there is more scope to improvise.

Lokvani : We think you are great and we are privileged to have you here. Of course everyone must be complimenting you. Can I ask what's the best compliment that you've received so far ??

Sunidhi Chauhan: It's from Mr Sandeep Chowtha, music director, he said " I can see a birth of a legend."

After meeting her I could not agree more! It was truly an inspiration to see a talented youngster who lives daily amongst the stars and yet is so wonderful, kind and down to earth. Our best wishes to you Sunidhi.

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