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As I was weary after the "Xth" day of rain and praying that we get relief in New England , I suddenly hear that Monsoon in India is precariously low. It suddenly made me realize how easy it is to take for granted simple things like air and water. We cannot donate water .. all we can do is pray.
But let us make it a selective prayer ..Please Rain in Mumbai and Spare New England!!

Ghulam Hassan is an employee of Archives, Archaeology and Museum Department, responsible for protected monuments in the state. Before militancy erupted, there were about 25 families of Kashmiri Pandits in Ganeshpora, two kms from the temple. The temple, which houses two-foot Shivlingam, was built by King Raja Jai Suria (1128-1055 AD reads a board). At the height of militancy, the temple remained locked. A caretaker was appointed who doubled up as priest when tourism picked up. Also, there were no Hindus left to perform the duties. Hassan stepped in after he was transferred five years ago.

When asked how locals react to his performing idol worship, which is prohibited in Islam, he said, “ I’m doing my duty. And offering puja is part of it.” 

Ifthikar Ahmed, who has a shop outside the temple, said, “It’s his job… we must also understand that Kashmir is land of Shiavism and Islam came here only few centuries back.”
          ...............Hindustan Times


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