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Music Review - Let's Dance


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Director : Aarif Shaikh
Music :Vipin Mishra
Lyrics :Prateek Bhardwaj,Ashish Khazanchi, Vipin Dhyani, Vipin Mishra and Virag Mishra

Starring :  Gayatri Patel, Maser Aabhaas, Paras Arora, Aquib Afzal, Ajai Chowdhary, Nikunj Pandey, Anjan Srivastava, Sugandha Garg, Asif Basra and Abhaas Yadav

"Let's dance" is a dancer's delight and is bound to make its rounds amongst the party scenes. Vipin Mishra's passion filled tracks makes for excellent dancing that allows for artistry and acrobatics.

The title track ''Let's Dance'' brings 80's rock/pop fervor in volatile and belligerent crooner style of singing by Sunidhi Chauhan. Vipin Mishra includes electronic rhythmic elements, catchy 80's stylized disco hooks and inspiring chorus that rhythmically connects with the verses the track.  Sunidhi's snazzy  vocals are fabulous.''Let's Dance (remix)'' by DJ Kunaal Sharma has that extra drum-beat that comes in recurring flows in loud DJ spins and claps.Quite a rocking number indeed!

Sunidhi gets into svelte tones and sweetly emotes out optimistically romantic song exults about dreams and stars in shimmering sounding ''Taare Todh Ke La''. The tempo is sluggish and the tender rhythmical patterns are synchronized with the choreographically swift moves with numerous sounds adding to the funk of the song. Vipin Mishra makes affable vocal efforts in middle interludes with Marianne and Joy emceeing up the proceedings. Ashish Khazanchi's wordings have that freshness and innocence that enamors with ''cool'' singing in mild tones. Overall it leaves out a gentle romantic impression that stays out in mind till the last beat. Sunidhi Chauhan is also wonderful with her gruffly boisterous voice in next rocking number ''Sansanati'.

Kirti Sagathia gets into soul of leading vocalist along with Suzi Q sensuous serene singing in stereotypically conceived westernized love ballad ''Tumse Iqraar''. The solitary duet of the album works on ethics of conventional Hollywood romantic soundtracks where slow beat drum beat works in tandem with varied electronic sounds. Sagathia shows maximum promise in his gyrating and resonating voice that cast spells of romanticism in simplistically penned words.

'Dance class'' comes out in systematic pop cum hip-hop dancing beats and emceeing with engrossing electronic beats that sets the pace for rhythmic choreographic moves on floors. ''Audition 1'' comes out with vintage Bollywood musical feel and works out with modest drum beats and rap singing, emoting out rawness of struggling kids. ''Audition 2'' is more westernized with typical Afro-American hip-hop zest that comes in medium buzz of arrangements. What follows is bombastically loud in ''Aftab & Suhani Competition''? It picks up loud but comes out with folksy ''sarangi'' and stringed instrumental works that works in tandem with disco-beat drum beats. ''Suhaani Madness 1'' is melodramatic, dark and sentimental in rendition. ''Suhaani Madness 2'' is synchronized melodic instrumental that works with recurring drumming and tangible stringed works. The playful feel of inspiring kids trying to make it big on floors comes in electronica feel of rhythmical paced musical piece with jovial piano and guitar works in friendly sounding ''Kids Audition''. The flying high mood of b-boying (hip-hop dance) and street dance comes in ''fusion'' stylized music in impressive sounding ''Kids Performance''. The mix and match of folk and hip-hop are well spiced to deliver out a suburban feel of ''street-smart'' kids on floors.

Overall a great track for performers. Check it out!

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