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Humor - Couch Surfing To Wipe The Winter Blues Away

Nirmala Garimella

Folks, it is that time of that year again when all good things happen. Trying to find a good thanksgiving recipe on the internet, oops, I meant the food network, I indulged myself in a little bit of channel surfing in the cozy lazy potato couch at my home. If you are the proud owner of a cable network like RCN or even AT&T, you may never be able to watch that favorite Bond film or SNL or even CNBC Squawk box any more. The itching compulsive need is to press the CH up and down arrow key on your remote.

So anyway, this is what I did on one mournful rainy Sunday evening. I flicked the channels up and down and noted down a few sentences off each program from Fox to Weather to CNN and Food to Soap operas to Sports and it ran something, like this.

Like I said before I started with the food channel, for if you remember, I was looking for a recipe.

Mustard pots are unusual kitchen collectibles. Mustard grew around the 14th century. , The dough balls as you see are ready to bake. They do not stretch for me. All served in a helmet snack bowl of your favorite team ! It is a wonder that we are going on a diet soon. If you want to keep hot stuff hot . I have news for both of you. Bow Flex is equal to 90 Health clubs and you will get the results you want . Call for a free video brochure. Today. Tomorrow on Larry king Live you will hear all about JFK mysterious illness and Bob Woodward book on ‘Bush at War’. Who is going to liberate us from Iraq ? The Pittsburgh Penguins of course ! They will hopefully win and then call AT&T for a collect call . This is a giant step forward for the biggest bank in Japan is down by 8%. Investors are nervous and it is tough business in Washington. The White House faces new threats from Homeland security. Today’s Headlines. One , new questions on Hormone Therapy. Two consumer alert, your doctor may be dangerous. Three , Congress is going home with a little jack rabbit. Hocus Pocus. Sunday storms brought down trees and branches. The driveways are clogged with snow. The great Subaru for resistance It has unprecedented protection. It is a male thing excuse me gentleman. Oh the possibilities ! About your daddy . The judge has decreed that he will be my Butler He will cook and clean. Was Diana keeping it as ammunition for Charles. I bet she had belly button rings. . YOU want to switch… I got nobody else to do it so it is you.

Now into the second half time that is a first basket. Take a back up and Breaktime out.This is the Italian boiled Wool scarf . It is so pretty and 22% acrylic. Few pieces are remaining. At $12.99 they are a natural Ivory is excellent and make a good gift. It also refreshes gums My arm is getting tired. Register now and stop at Radio Shack and pick it up. Only from Verizon wireless. The mattresses are superior and we have sleep trained specialists. Simmons – better sleep through dreams Only from Fisher price. Shams, bedsheets come next. A tasteful detail across a decorative piece. When you call you will get all this for $19.99. Absolutely free. Call right now and we will add the Oxy clean to it , A $40.00 value. Call 1 800 204 2440. The call is free and you will find a new path to cleaning your basements or bathrooms. Call now !

Happy Thanksgiving everybody !

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