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Bollywood Talent Show


The Berkelee Performance Center was host last week to a unique show. A talent show for local artists was organized by the Bollywood Talent group. Over seventy people participated in the show that comprised dance contests (in Classical/film style), a fashion show and modeling contest.

A show such as this needs a good "Sutradhar" and Lokvani's Ranjani Saigal did a super job of keeping the audience pumped up with her enthusiasm. She was joined by the lovely Chandni Somaya a student from UMass-Lowell, who was the co-host for the show.

The judges for the program were: Nizar Morani - (Film Producer), Rajiv Sharma - (Actor and Restauranter) owner, Bobby Khan - (TV Serial and Music Video Producer), Nalini Sharma - (Supporter of our young talent), Dhramatma Sharan - ( Coordinator of Ms. India Worldwide Competition), Vinod Kapoor ( Owner of the popular area restaurant Bombay Club), Ravi Agarwal (CEO Argus Care) and Subbu Kota (CEO, The Boston Group).

Netra Rajnikanth and her group Lehrein started the evening right with a dance to a medley of Hindi Film songs. The show began with the duet Dance contest where the first performers, also the winners in that category, mesmerized the crowds with their near perfect rendering of the popular film song Dola Re from the film Devdas. Next up was Thirupadam by Amrita Saigal and Amudha Palaniswamy dancing a flawless piece in the Bharathanatyam style. Priyanka Srninvasan and Tejasi Tatte performed Tharangam in the Kuchipudi style winning the second place in the category. Nina Muralidhar and Manswini Garimella turned in a crowd -pleasing performance of Thillana in the Bharathanatyam Style. Kriti Bhatia and Ravi Sharoff made a charming dancing duo as did Ambika Wali and Sumit Widhani.

When Sunidhi Chauhan came on stage, she was met with great applause. Her songs were boisterous and had many dancing on the stage with her.

Next up was the solo modeling contest where some pretty and witty models walked the ramp. With Dr. Sandra Makker asking the models very tricky and entertaining questions, the evening looked poised for some serious fun. A very stunning Priya Tirur was asked the most intriguing query, which she answered with incredible grace and poise. The question was who she would choose to marry if she was to choose between Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro and Osama Bin Laden and her answer had the audience in splits. Other questions were equally hilarious and the reaction from the crowd was very positive.

A fashion show arranged by Aalok followed and the professional way it was presented was truly commendable. Young ladies and men modeled exquisite Aalok designs and fashions. Aalok, an exclusive boutique located in downtown Lexington showed the world their wonderful creations in fabric. Anu Karna of Aalok, who directed the show and modeled some of Aalok’s creations drew gasps of admiration when she walked down the ramp.

The group dance contest was yet another treat for the viewers as talented dancers from different groups took the stage by storm. While the Bhangra number had everyone clap, the Lehrein group had everyone stamping their feet in tune. Gita Singhani’s group and Ranjani Saigal’s group were met with unbridles enthusiasm by the audience. Mera Piya Ghar Aaya by Manasi Shinde, Vinisha and Komal Patel caught the attention of young and old alike and the judges were left scratching their heads trying to decide who was best among the talented lot.
The solo dance contestants were a talented bunch. Kashmira Rana, Shveta Sinha, Shruti Shabnam, Nehal Patel, Kunal Sharma and Natasha Kumar performed extremely well.

While all performers that evening were winners, a few were awarded for superior performance skills.

They included Shveta Sinha and Parool Vaidya for Solo Modeling, Gita Singhani’s group and Ranjani’s group in the group Dance contest, Payal Kakadia and Drasti Panchal and Priyanka Srinivasan and Tejasi Thatte in the duet dancing contest and Kunal Sharma and Shveta Sinha in the solo dance contest.

"I am very pleased with the show" says Ravi Chaudhary, coordinator of the show. "Some have called it the 'Best Show of the Year 2002'. Others felt it was wonderful to see such encouragement for our talented youngsters. I think when people walk up to me and said that next time they would want to sponsor this show and be part of it, I knew we had a successful show". Bollywood talent is planning other wonderful events for the next year and urges you to keep an eye out for that.

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