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A Message To The Indian American Youth

Manoj Chourasia,

Spring symbolizes youth. It brings energy, enthusiasm and fun in every strata of life on earth. Flowers bloom, birds start chirping, chuckles of kids can be heard in the playground everywhere, the whole atmosphere becomes lively. The spring festival is a celebration of that youth in all of us, and I am going to dedicate today’s column to the youth of America, in particular, our Indian American youth.

At the outset itself, I would like to recognize the tremendous energy level that the Indian American youth have displayed in various events organized by IANH, be it our Diwali cultural event last year, or the “Nach Night” fundraiser to serve the public services initiatives or the education bee, the list goes on and on. Having seen that I must admit that IANH is moving towards the next phase, which is full of enormous energy, collaboration, teamwork, respect and pride, and that is what I will call the spring for IANH and for the Indian American youth.

In the last Diwali 2008, I had communicated a very clear message to all the Indian Americans that public service is one of the best ways to demonstrate to the people of New Hampshire and the rest of the United States that Indian American community stands behind them hand in hand in both good and bad times, and that we care about them. I reiterate the same today and in fact, in today’s tough economic environment it has become all the more important. I urge our Indian American youth, to step up in this challenging environment and help your neighbors, friends and anyone who needs help, in whatever capacity you can.

We have heard on several occasions in the past, that Indian American community is very well educated minority population in the United States having above average per capita income. There are so many doctors, engineers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, software and technology professionals in our community. Indian Americans have made a great contribution in education, finance, technology, healthcare and economy of the United States. However, being better well positioned financially and educationally, also gives our Indian American youth a much broader responsibility to shoulder towards the betterment of America and its people.

While public service provides a goal towards such responsibility, political education, awareness and active participation in the political structure of the country, will serve as a very useful and essential platform to achieve such goal more effectively. Political participation will help Indian American youth understand the needs of the society better, will bring them closer to the issues, problems and challenges being faced by it and will provide them the necessary tools and authority to solve those problems and express their views. And this is the only way, I think the Indian American youth can contribute to the society and the country where they live in.

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