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Young Indian Students Score Well In JHU Talent Search


Indian American children were among top scorers in the ‘Talent Search’ sponsored by John Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY). Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, CTY identifies America’s top students in Grades 2-6 and provides programs, services and resources to help them make the most of their special academic abilities. These very bright young people were invited to participate in CTY’s talent search because they took above-grade level exams, which yielded, further information about the verbal and mathematical reasoning abilities of these bright learners.

Students in grades 2-6 from Western Massachusetts who took the SCAT and scored more than:

Grade 2 Math ≥440 or Verbal ≥435
Grade 3 Math ≥455 or Verbal ≥440
Grade 4 Math ≥465 or Verbal ≥455
Grade 5 Math ≥480 or Verbal ≥460
Grade 6 Math ≥485 or Verbal ≥465

were recognized at an awards ceremony on May 23, 2009 at Worcester State College. Other ceremonies were held at different locations all over New England to recognize students from different regions. The group taking the SCAT is a self- selected group who are motivated learners.

Some of the Indian-American students recognized were:

Shipa Bhat (Acton)
Shreedhar Deshpande (Westborough)
Akash Garg (Holden)
Niket Gowravaram (Acton)
Aditya Gupta ((Westborough)
Chinmay Joshi (Westborough)
Nishta Krishnan (Shrewsbury)
Hari Kumar (Shrewsbury)
Asha Ramachandran (Marlborough)
Dhruv Ramanujan (Westborough)
Sahith Reddy (South Grafton)
Shebati Sengupta (Northborough)
Nikhaar shah (Acton)

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

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Dhruv Ramanujan

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