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The Lokvani Team Gives Thanks, Happy Turkey Day, Y'all

The Team

Chitra Parayath

Happy Turkey Day,Y'all.
No one’s gonna stop me from making a major resolution on this Turkey day.
Thanksgiving is not going to be the only day I remember to thank all the special people in my life. I will thank my stars for these folks everyday.
My family for nurturing my dreams, for excusing me from the table at many meal times. I give thanks to Vinoo for emergency editing help, for generous criticism, to Sid for making me laugh with his magic and his music, to Nina for everything that is good in my life, and also for endless cups of Chai. Thanks Sweetie.
To Premi and Roy, for providing nourishment every weekend, good food, great wine and thought provoking conversation. Also for the free-for-all shout-outs that so enrich my existence. You guys are the best.
Thanks to you, gentle reader, for putting up with me. Thanks for the words of encouragement, for the corrections, for the flak (there has been too little of that lately, so get cracking!)

Here’s wishing the readers, contributors and patrons of Lokvani a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for being there for us and do let us return the favor some day.

Nirmala Garimella

On the Three days of Thanksgiving
On the First Day of Thanksgiving, I thank my home,hearth, family,and my heating company

On the Second day of Thanksgiving,I thank you all, faithful readers, my energetic Lokvani teammates,friends and Homeland Security

On the final day of Thanksgiving, I give thanks to the Fact that I am a Vegetarian and welcome all Turkeys who seek asylum into my home

Happy Thanksgiving

Ranjani Saigal
As Thanksgiving comes one remembers many things to be grateful for not the least of which is having the support of God, the community, my dear team members and my absolutely marvelous family to make Lokvani an inspiring and absolutely special experience. I thank my children and wonderful young dance students who make fill my life with joy. And ofcourse on such a day one cannot but be inspired ! For if a turkey can get a day dedicated to it, WHY NOT ME!!!

So dear readers wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR supporting us!!!

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