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Amma's New England Spring Garba And Dandiya

Press Release

Amma's New England would like to invite you to a Spring Garba and Dandiya event on May 16th in Somerville, MA.

Each Fall, in the Western state of Gujarat in India and all over the world, during the festival of Navratri, thousands of people gather in gyms and convention centers to perform group dances called Garba and Dandiya (stick dance).

Garba is danced in honor of the Goddess Durga and involves simple clapping steps as you move in a circle. Dandiya involves clicking sticks with a line of partners as you pass each other. Lord Krishna used to dance the dandiya with the gopis (cow-herd girls). The steps are simple and easy and men and women of all ages and abilities join in. Even little kids participate in the fun. Usually there are several groups dancing at varying speeds so everyone can find a level that works for them.

We will have a DJ playing traditional Garba and Dandiya with some Bollywood, Bhangra (folk dance from North India) and maybe some western group dances thrown in. From 7 - 8pm, we will review the steps and practice the two dances. For the rest of the night there will be more Garba and Dandiya with some Bollywood, Bhangra (folk dance from North India) and maybe some western group dances thrown in.

No prior dance experience is necessary. Hope you'll join us and bring lots of friends for a very fun filled night of dancing and merriment!

Date: Sat, May 16th
Time: 7-10pm
Location: 5 Meacham St, Somerville, MA 02145

Early registration (by May 9th) - Adults: $10 and Seniors/Students: $8
After May 9th -  Adults: $12 and Seniors/Students: $10
Children under 12 are free

Light snacks and beverages will be available for purchase.
Dandiya sticks will be available for a nominal charge of $2

Please visit http://www.ammanewengland.org/ to register or email Vinodini @ vino_gupta@yahoo.com

In 2008, Sri. Narendra Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat, was the chief dignitary at Amma’s program in Ahmadabad. In his address, he requested Amma to establish the second headquarters of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math in Gujarat, invoking Sri Adi Sankaracarya’s establishment of ashrams in the four corners of India as precedent.

“It’s the fortune of Gujarat that we are able to seek Amma’s darshan every year,” Modi said. “When the earthquakes struck Gujarat, at Amma’s request all her devotees rushed to Gujarat with help. And they didn’t leave until the work was complete. Amma, through the medium of seva, has sparked a process of spiritual awakening. Amma has taught us the religion that takes us from ‘I’ to ‘we’; the religion that joins ‘self’ to the ‘whole’; the religion that teaches us to look at a needy person not with sympathy but with compassion; the religion that teaches us that we should share whatever we have with the others. And I believe this is what the great rishis and sages tried to teach us. And Amma has brought that lineage to us today.

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