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Grandma's Time Tested Home Remedies

Parvathy Ayyar

1.Sneezing and stuffed nose

If you are suffering from heavy sneezing and stuffed nose you may try the following:
For adults: black pepper powder- one teaspoon
Dried ginger powder- half tea spoon
For children: black pepper powder – half tea spoon
Dried ginger powder – quarter teaspoon
Mix the above adding two tablespoonful of water. Boil the mixture continuously stirring into a smooth paste. Apply the same on the top of the head when the mixture is warm. The cold is likely to vanish with three applications.( once daily)

2.Sore throat and cough

Black pepper - one tea spoon
Dried ginger - one inch piece
Jeera - half tea spoon
Coriander seeds –one teaspoon
Turmeric powder – half tea spoon
Adi mathuram (meeta lakkadi) –two inch piece
Grind the above ingredients into a smooth powder and keep it aside.

Boil two cups of water adding two teaspoonfuls of the above powder in medium heat for about five minutes. Add a few Tulsi leaves while boiling . Keep it covered for ten minutes.Then strain the liquid. Take half a cup at a time adding one teaspoon of honey and drink it. You will get relief within three days taking the above mixture three times daily

3. Pain at the heels

Massage the affected heel with olive oil for five minutes. Take real hot water ,add four table spoonful of salt in a wide mouthed vessel or bucket. Immerse the heel in the hot water (you can adjust the heat level of the water )for ten minutes.Repeat the process for three days.
You should find relief with this.

4. Feeling of nausea due to indigestion

Raw ginger juice. Two teaspoon
Lemon juice ---0ne teaspoon (pure)
Omam (ajjuain) powder –half tea spoon
Asafoetida - one pinch
Mix the above and take it before mealtime.

5.Boils on the rims of the eye

Take a paper towel, put some (two teaspoon)hot cooked rice ,half tea spoon turmeric powder and a little butter Hold it tightly and mildly press in and around the boil, taking care not to disturb the inside of the eye

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