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Malayalam Language And Literature

Press Release

"Malayalam Language and Literature"
Dr. P. M. John
Retired Professor, Westfield State College, MA

When: Saturday, February 14, 2009, 3:00 PM
Where: Hall A, Harvard Univ. Science Center, 1 Oxford St, Cambridge


Malayalam is a rich literary language spoken in the South-western corner State of Kerala in India by about 35 million Malayalees.  In the small area of Kerala there are today 170 daily papers, 235 weeklies, and 560 monthlies published in Malayalam. It is the early home of Christianity in India. Folk songs and ballads of popular origin have been orally transmitted from generation to generation.  What is most notable about Malayalam literature has been its receptiveness to influences from abroad with tolerance to elements added from outside.  Malayalam literature reflects this spirit of accommodation in that while rooted in the locality, is truly universal in taste, and remarkably free from provincialism and parochial prejudices.  Added elements borrowed and adopted from non-Dravidian languages such as Sanskrit, Arabic, French, Portuguese and English make it cosmopolitan and distinctive.

Speaker bio:

Dr. P.M. John is a retired professor of Philosophy from Westford State College.  Lately he has been pursuing a program in Comparative Studies
in Indian and Chinese Philosophy on an ad hoc basis.  He is active in the
Kerala community in the greater Boston area and is known for his work with the scholars from Asia and Africa.

For further information, visit:
Contact: 617-495-3295, 617-864-5121

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