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Sarva Dev Mandir Achievements

Neelu Sharma

Let me wish all of you a happy new year from the Sarva Dev Mandir Committee. We had a great year! We accomplished a lot. New temple construction was completed last November. We had issues with getting permit because of our Sewage System. Thanks to our hard working committee along with our President. New Sewage system had to be installed which costed us another 34,000. We did it!!
We hired a new young priest, Pandit Jagdishan. He grew up in a family of priests, (father and grandfather were both priests). We are very happy to have him and he has been a very pleasant addition to our family.
We performed Pran Pratishta for many of our Murti's, namely:

Sri Ganesh - Sponsored by Ishwar and Neelu Sharma, Shankar and Asha Garg

Bhagwan Shiv Shankar - Sponsored by  Neelu and Ishwar Sharma, Rita and Sushil Tuli

Durga Bhawani Ma - Sponsored byUsha and Inder Kamal, Veena and Sushil Kholi family

Hanuman Ji - Sponsored by Shiva and Nancy Saksena

Lakshmi Devi - Sponsored by Bela and Vinay Chandok, Meena and Jeevan Mehta
We still have Pran Pratishta to be performed for the following Dieties
Ram Darbar
Krishan Radhika
Santoshi Ma
If any one of you are interesed by let us know!
Our tax exempt number is: (501-C) 04-356-4700

-- Sarva Dev Mandir Committee

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