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Welcoming 2009 In Desi Style

Arundhati and Saurav Mukherjee

Who will arrange a New Year party? Questions were going around amongst our friends for a while. No one in our group was showing any interest in hosting this event, who wants to cook and clean up the mess after New Year eve; the  very 1st day of the year. We were running out of time. So this year we decided to do something different….. and that’s when we found out about the New Years Eve 2009 party in Desi style organized by the United India Association of New England, Inc. It was a great idea, plus we could also bring all our little ones with us….who wants to leave them behind with baby sitters on a New Year Eve????

So, it was all set, we bought the tickets and on one of the coldest night, arrived at the Hilton Garden and Inn in Waltham, MA.  From the very entrance point we were made very comfortable with all the tickets and table setting arrangements. The seats were all pre-assigned and well organized. The Ball room was eloquently decorated with round tables, linen tablecloths and with fine china. Each group had their own table numbers. What was better was that the people from the same part of India were seated together…so it was a great time making new friends and mingling with similar background people. The setup was perfect for networking with other groups of Indians.

Satisfied with all the logistics, we ventured out for the food section….and, what a nice platter of food we were served with! Nothing would have been better than starting with hot tomato soup, Samosas and Chicken kabob on one of the coldest winter nights in Boston. The main course which was served after 10 pm… (Although we were a little too hungry by then…..) had a full range of Indian vegetarian and non vegetarian entrée  starting with Salad, Chili Chicken Karachi, Palak Paneer, Punjabi Kadi, Chole, Aloo gobi, with Jeera Rice, Nans and parathas, the best was the Methi Parathas…that you don’t usually get in a setting like this…. The dinner was topped off with Badami Kheer and small little Grape Gulab Jamuns that fit into your mouth perfectly. That was really an awesome spread of food to begin the New Year 2009 in Desi style. It all ended with the delicious Masala Chai for a ride home specially after having loads of drinks form the cash bar. The United India Committee, especially the President, Dolly Raja and the Vice-president Suresh Gidwani did an awesome job in organizing the event. The event was attended by 250 + people of all ages.

The main attraction was the Best DJ, the Magic Mike group from New York, who kept most of the crowd on their toes for the most part of the night. He played new and old Hindi remix songs and a lot of Punjabi numbers. More than 90% of the crowd danced for 3-4 hours continuously.

To keep the spirits, there were also the lucky draw prizes towards the end of the event that included weekend get away the Hilton Garden and Inn, gift certificates from Bombay Club, Masala Art and Kay Pee Jewelers. What better ways to start the year but a lucky draw win?

The only constrain was the relatively small size of the dance floor. But, guess what, who will expect 95% of the people on the dance floor.

Overall it was a perfect New Year’s celebrations in the Desi style. People were all dressed in gorgeous Indian attire, glittering and shimmering Salwar and Ghagra outfits.

It was an entertaining, fun filled and a great party indeed; and we all had lots of fun.

Hoping to see you all at the 2010 Blast next year!!!

Wishing all a very “Happy and a Prosperous New Year”.

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