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Telugu Language And Literature

C. Gopinath

"Telugu Language and Literature"
Dr. G. V. R. K. Sharma
Harvard Medical school

When: Saturday, January 10, 2009, 3:00 PM
Where: Hall A, Harvard University Science Center
1 Oxford Street, Cambridge

Harvard University
Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies Outreach Lecture

Winter 2009
Languages and Literature of India
Lecture XIV


Telugu (also called Andhra Bhasha) is one of the classical languages
of India spoken by about 80 million people, and ranked 7th in Asia and
14th in the world. It is a highly sanskritized south-central Dravidian
language spoken not only in the state of Andhra Pradesh and parts of
adjoining states of Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Orissa but also by
sizeable diaspora population in many countries. The distinctive
feature of Telugu is the ending of all words in vowels ('ajanta'), so
the label "Italian of the East". The talk will attempt to trace the
origin and evolution of the language both in its classical
('Sampradayika') and popular ('Vyavaharika') forms. Emphasis will be
on its rich contribution to the lyrics of Karnatik music, the format
of extemporaneous versification ('Avadhana prakriya') and the
burgeoning modern Telugu that addresses social
issues and contemporary themes, with illustrative examples and

Speaker bio: Dr. G. V. R. K. Sharma is a physician by training and a
Telugu poet. After initial training in India, he migrated to the US
and has been affiliated with Harvard Medical School since the '70s.
In the US, he developed interest in Telugu language and literature
and has been a popular contributor to Telugu poetry both in classical
and popular forms. He publishes in the local magazines and journals
ans is appreciated by the Telugu-reading public.

The lecture is free and everyone is cordially invited.

Contact telephones: 617-864-5121, 617-495-3295
URL: http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~sanskrit/outreach.html

(Feature sponsored by S4, Inc. )

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