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Ekal Vidyalaya New England Chapter Gets $5000+ In Donations On ‘Ekal Sangeet Sandhya’

Press Release

It was a cold winter evening but that didn’t faint the spirits of those who believe in the cause and stand united for it as Ekal Vidyalaya family. On Nov 22nd , 2008, Ekal New England organized an Ekal Sangeet Sandhya, an evening of musical melodies with dinner to appreciate donors from year 2007. The evening began with socializing over dinner @ the Holiday Inn near Boston, MA followed by a heartening performance of Indian classical music by the distinguished member of LearnQuest academy – Dr. Nishikant Sonwalkar, Preeti Chakravarty and Sadhna Upadhyay. Thereafter, the Master of Ceremonies, Atul Kabra, set the audience into an Ekal journey emphasizing on its aims to help eradicate illiteracy from rural and tribal India by showing Ekal videos of the cause we unite for and the work that is being done in India. Ekal volunteer Hemant Sapre walked the audience, along with a presentation, through latest updates on Ekal Vidyalaya and the difference it is making in the regions that has been ignored by most of the government and non-government organizations. The day was also marked by a truly inspiring speech from chief guest for the event, Dr. Satya Mitra who is a credit to the Indian community as an accomplished community leader besides his professional success in tax practice.

As the evening progressed towards its commemoration, Shri Ram Nehra, regional Vice President of Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation for the New England region, gave a vote of thanks to all the donors whose efforts and contributions have made the Ekal Vidyalaya movement a success in the region.

Last but not the least, this Ekal event of 2008, brought together a new team of committee members including Atul Kabra, Smita Kabra, Hemant and Pallavi Sapre together whose hard work, dedication and thought leadership made this evening possible.

Our sincere thanks for supporting the event goes to:
-    Nishi Nehra, Anil and Himani Chawla for their guidance and support.
-    Nayan Patel for giving us the hall at Holiday Inn for no charge.
-    Deevish Karmee, Jamie & Team @  Holiday Inn.
-    Sal Khan & Team for covering the event on local TV and apnashow.com.
-    Dr. Satya Mitra for taking time out to be our Chief Guest for the event.
-    Arun Agrawal for sponsoring the event.
-    All the donors who made this day a success by attending and contributing $5000+ as donations to support Ekal.

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The Ekal Team (from left) : Hemant Sapre, Pallavi Sapre, Ram Nehra, Smita Kabra, Atul Kabra.

Artists from LearnQuest Academy (from left) : Dr. Nishikant Sonwalkar, Sandhna Upadhyay, Preeti Chakravarty

Audience/Donors at the Ekal Sandhya event.

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