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5th Annual Boston Bhangra Competition

Rohit Bambi

BALLE BALLE BALLE!!  If you like Bhangra, Boston will be the place to be on November 15th.  Boston Bhangra, Inc is hosting their 5th annual Boston Bhangra Competition on Saturday, November 15th, 2008 @ 6 PM.  Their past 4 competitions have all sold out, and were a phenomenal success!  Last year they had 3,000 people attend this growing event!  It looks like they have a found a nitch market where they have been able to get some of the best teams from North America, some great live performing artists and cheap tickets to keep this an event on the up and up.  This year should be no different.

This year, the Boston Bhangra Competition, or called BBC for short, will be hosted on November 15th, 2008 at the Orpheum Theatre.  They sold out the event last year at one of the most historical theatres in Boston, which is located at 1 Hamilton Place in Boston, MA.  The capacity is close to 3,000 people, and they hope to sell out for the 5th straight year.  

This year, the competition level seems to get even more diverse and more competitive as they will have teams from all over the US and Canada.  Teams will hail from Vancouver Canada, California, Virginia, Washington DC, Florida, New Jersey, and of course, Boston.  These teams have consistently done well in many competitions, and they will once again make it difficult on the judges.

To add even more excitement to the event, Boston Bhangra will have special performances by the legendary Alaap group!  This artist is one of the pioneers of UK Bhangra and has many hits songs, including: Makhna, Jind Mahi, Bhabiye Ni Bhabiye, Cham Cham Nacdhi Phiran, Khabardar, Munde Kanan Wich, and many more!  

One World Cuisine will be the food vendor of choice as they will be selling snacks, dinner and drinks at the venue, so come hungry so that you can enjoy their fantastic food!

Also, the show is being advertised on Sahara One, Filmy and Ravi internationally!  They will also be airing the show on television in late December/January on Sahara One internationally!  Areas like America, Canada, Europe, UK and potentially India/Pakistan might get to view this spectacular event!  This is the only competition to have television advertising and airing throughout various parts of the globe!  

Overall, this is a huge year for the Boston Bhangra Competition, as they are getting heavily involved with television, bringing great teams to a historic theatre, and serving great food! This is not a show that you want to miss!  The tickets will range in price from $20 for general admission through $40 for VIP.  This is very cheap for a show that will be highlighted with more than 3 hours of exciting bhangra!

Sahara One, Taj Hotels, Akshaya Patra, & One World Cuisine are some of the bigger sponsors that have helped to make this show a reality.

We look forward to seeing you at the Orpheum Theatre on November 15th!  Buy your tickets early before they’re sold out!  For more information, visit www.bostonbhangra.com.  You can also e-mail: info@bostonbhangra.com, or call 617-448-2508 for more information.

Boston Bhangra is a non-profit organization that promotes cultural awareness and mentorship of children.  To help support us in any way, please contact us at the above e-mail address or phone number.

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