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Music Review - Fashion

Ranjani Saigal

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Following on the heels of Page 3, Corporates and Traffic Signal comes Madhur Bhandarkar’s latest venture Fashion. At the title suggests the movie is about the glamour world of Salim-Sulaiman, the composers of the film have worked to make a unique offering

The album opens with a blast with Fashion Ka Jalwa, a blend of western music and Indian singing. The rhythmic beats will make you tap your feet. But it is Sukwindher Singh that grabs attention with his singing with Sathya Hinduja and Robert ‘Bob’ accompanying him. Sandeep Nath’s lyrics depicts the Fashion World as it is and the song and the remix version are fun to listen.

 Mar Jawaan is certainly the best offering this album.Shruthi Pathak and Salim Merchant do an amazing job singing and Irfan Siddiqui lyrics are simple yet catchy. The beats are so mild but easily clenches up and Salim Merchant accompanying in preludes adds more colors. A true lounge feel has been given to the song. Music is really smooth and you can play it again and again.
Kuchh Khaas is a romantic number though not a great one. It opens with a melodious tune over piano with balmy-tempo techno beats.  Mohit Chauhan and Neha Bhasin with their fabulous voices mark it with romantic feel. The rhythmic chords of guitar played all throughout keeps the mild feel. The remix tune like the previous ones sounds zippy in the right momentums and would go straight swaying at car stereos.
Aashiyana is a soft rock piece with nothing really special to it. Salim Merchant takes us along with his solo voice and at certain aspects. The remix engineered by DJ Amith is sure to hit the dance floors of night clubs for the right blend of mild beats is sure to capture your senses.
 Theme Of Fashion – is a great finale to the album. The sound of santoor grabs your attention and forces you to listen to the song. There are hardly any vocals in the song and it can be played in the background during the movie. A fast paced track which captures your attention It’s an above average album with classics like Mar Jawaan and Theme of Fashion. Madhur Bhandarkar finally gets a good soundtrack for his movie and Salim-Sulaiman carried on with their good form. A must listen for everyone.

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