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Kumu Gupta Gets Appointed As MA Chair Of Indian American Coalition For McCain



Kumu Gupta was recently appointed as Chair of the Indian American Coalition for McCain-Palin ticket to the White House, by national headquarters McCain campaign in Virginia. Working closely with the national Asian American Coalition director and Puneet Ahluwalia the new Chair of Indo-Americans for McCain National Steering Committee, Kumu will be working with other co chairs of the Indian American Coalition across the country,  to strengthen the indo american republican base in Massachussetts for the McCain-Palin ticket. The main efforts of the McCain Campaign as Kumu put it :" are through grass roots Get Out and Vote strategy by phone banking at the newly opened McCain Victory Headquarters in Boston with former Governor and Ambassador to Canada Paul Celluci. This is the first time that a republican campaign has invested major funding and efforts in reaching out to the Massachussetts community, since in the past, all efforts were heavily fouced on New Hampshire, which is a critical swing state. Kumu was recently unanimously elected as Vice Chair of the Quincy Republican Committee and point person for South Shore McCain campaign in Quincy.


The strong support and endorsement of the Indian American community behind Senator McCain and Sarah Palin is due to the fact that it is felt that the McCain Palin Team is good for America. We are well aware of Senator McCain's experience, service to our nation and ability as a leader to work in the Senate with both the parties and even support issues where the Country is served First. Governor Sarah Palin being the first women nominee for the Vice President brings positive energy, a Washington outsider, her ability to connect with masses as she comes from a small town and has faced same issues like we all Americans face in regards to family, finance and our security.
The McCain Palin team compliments each other. The Indian community like the rest of America is getting to know Governor Palin. She has worked hard from a PTA mom and with the support and trust of the people have achieved Governorship of Alaska. She has shown the will to go against her own party leadership and do the right things for her State and people. She said no the Congress about the Bridge to Nowhere and put the previous Governor's air plane on the Ebay for sale. She has brought transparency and accountability to the people of Alaska and will do the same when she is Vice President. Not the same old way of doing business in Washington. Being a mother of special needs child she understands and is able to relate how important it is for parents and single parents to take care of that special child's needs at every stage.   
She understands and recognizes the importance of US India partnership and was supportive of the US India Civilian Nuclear treaty as she made a point to meet with the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh last week. The Republican leadership at every level has done more to build a long and a strong positive relationship with India. Both the countries are natural partners for a prosperous global economy, search for alternate energy and fight against the growing threat of terrorism.
During the debates Senator McCain was equally forceful and natural- those are traits of a leader, he is passionate and will follow his judgment with strong conviction for doing the very best for American people. His past and vast experiences helps him to be a natural statesman and ready to take on any challenges. He has the clarity of the Vision for America and trust needed for our next President in these troubled times. He understands the issues our nation faces and what is at stake for the American people through his numerous town hall meetings. He is ready to be President and does not need on the job training. 


I had a chance to talk to Mrs. Cindy McCain during a recent conference call, along with Rudy Guliani and Mrs. McCain was warm and down to earth, as she spoke of her seven children, particularly the son she was sending off to Iraq” – said Kumu Gupta.


For questions or to sign with the IARC in Massachussetts please send an email to miacmccain@yahoogroups.com


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