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Kridana - Ramayan Dance And Writing Contests

Press Release

The Festival of Lights is coming soon!

Kridana (kree-da-na): Sanskrit, meaning toy or plaything.

To celebrate it and help instill in our youngest generation a love for Indian culture and its epic tales, Kridana is proud to announce the launch of its first-ever Ramayana writing and dance contests. Sponsored by Kridana – the first and only company in the world bringing the Ramayana to life for children through toys – both contests have just launched! Open to all kids in grades 8 and below, both contests ask children to use their imaginations to engage with one of our most beloved tales, that of Ram and his journey. Children submit their stories or dance clips online at www.kridana.com from now till Diwali, October 28.

The goal of these contests is to inspire our youngest generation to interact with the Ramayan, to learn it, and to love it. According to company founder Mahender Swami Nathan, “I want to inspire our youngest generation the way my grandmother inspired me. No one made Ram and Hanuman come alive like she did as she tucked me into bed each night. I hope that this contest can give to today’s children what my grandmother gave to me – a desire to learn and love our culture everyday.”

Indeed, Kridana's mission is all about getting children to be inspired by our culture. From the stone toys of centuries ago to the wooden toys in today's Kondapalli region, children have always used toys to learn and love the Ramayan. Kridana now brings this centuries-old tradition of Indian culture into the 21st century for today's very modern kids with their posable figures and soft toys - and now the first-ever Diwali Ramyana contest!

The contest will be open for submissions until October 28, 2008. Winners will be chosen by the popular vote of those visiting and voting at the Kridana website, www.kridana.com, and will be announced on November 15. Winners will receive prize packages that include up to $1000 in scholarship money for college, plus Ramayan toys from Kridana and Bollywood media from Saavn.com. In all, more than $10,000 in scholarship money will be given away.

For additional information in order to publish this charitable community  announcement, please contact Mahender Swami Nathan at media@kridana.com or visit the Kridana website at www.kridana.com to enter and to vote!

Mahender Swami Nathan, Co-Founder, 610-529-6701, media@kridana.com
Elizabeth A. Haynes, Co-Founder, 610-642-6674, elizabeth@kridana.com

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