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Bhin Golardho Introduces Yunus To The Community

Ranjani Saigal

Bhin Golardho, a Bangla centric group in New England organized a reception for the Nobel Prize winning economist, Prof Mohammad Yunus on June 6 2008 at the Student center in MIT. The event was held in conjunction with MIT Bangaladeshi students association at MIT.

 Shammi Quddus, a student at MIT served as MCEE for the event.. After a welcome by Nasreen Shibli on behalf of Bhin Gholardho, Yunus addressed the South Asian students in the gathering and urged them to get engaged in social businesses.

"The current economic theoretical framework for business which recognizes profit maximation as the sole mission of business is a little messed up for it assumes that human is one dimensional focusing all their attention on single minded persuit of power. Human beings are multi dimensional beings for whom social impact is as important of work is also important" said Yunus.

He described his work with Grameen and the various business partnerships that the foundation does. "Grameen is trying to address problems by creating Microbusinesses. We have a partnership with Dannon yogurt in which we have worked on adding nutrition to yogurt that can make a serious dent in solving the malnutrition probem in Bangladesh" said Yunus.

He urged the creation of a social stock market wherein the people could invest in companies not just based on the profits but based on the social impact created by the company.

"I would like to say that while we at Grameen have done a few things, there are many causes that are waiting for you to take up" said Yunus.

For students who attended the event, listening to his speech was inspiring. Many Bangladeshi remembered with great pride the moment when it was announced that Yunus was the winner of the Nobel Prize.  Yunus was MIT to deliver the commencement address and many youngsters pledged their support for the causes he has initiated.

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