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Movie Review - Khuda Ke Liye


Some Trivia about the film also known as ‘In the Name of God’

  • The screening of the movie was legally challenged with allegations that it promotes anti-Islamic values such as permission of creating music of all kinds in Islam and above all the marriage between a Muslim girl and a non-Muslim man.
  • The film was produced in conjunction with the film division of the Karachi based network, Geo TV.
  • After one week of film's release, Shoaib Mansoor was reported getting threats from the religious extremists to stop the showing of the movie. He was provided with special security on the orders of Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  • The film was termed "Blasphemous" by the radical clerics of Pakistan. However there was no objection from the prime Islamic clerics sitting in Saudi Arabia.

Culture versus religion ! Radical Islam versus Moderate Islam! Does listening to music, wearing of jeans and not donning a veil contrary to Islam ? Or is saying your daily prayers most important in your life? Director Shoaib Mansoor's first cinematic venture explores these questions in a landscape that has emerged about Muslims after the September 11 happening. Racial profiling is as much discussed as religious extremism and the true meaning of justice. The movie also gives an idea of the conflict that is undergoing in Pakistani Society.

The plot moves seamlessly through characters and situations across the globe in UK, USA , Pakistan and Afghanistan. The story line is based on two brothers Shaan and Fawad Khan, two brothers passionate about music in their lives growing up in an upper middle class moderate Pakistani household with a traditional grandmother However their lives go off on a tangent when the older one moves to Chicago to learn music and falls in love with an white American girl while the younger one  is influenced with the extreme views of the Maulana of the local mosque who preaches Jihad. In between, we are introduced to their British cousin Iman Ali from London who is brought to Pakistan by her father on a pretext of meeting his family but is forced into a marriage that she doesn’t want.

What lies in fate for these three lives that will inevitable affect them all in serious ways and change their course? Watch the movie to find out.

Naseerudin Shah appears in a cameo role as the Maulana with a moderate view who appears in court to offer his interpretation of some of the verses of the Koran. The final moment of the film is the most thought provoking aspect of the film – Does the now reformed Sarmad get to do the Azaan with his melodious voice at the same mosque? We are left to wonder.

Although the plot is sometimes too contrived and sometimes too convenient, and the subject has tremendous potential,  it still is an interesting film to watch.

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