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Dear Reader:

Greetings. Between thunderstorms and summer fun, hope this summer is going right for you .

Finally, a Hindi text book taught in US Schools. Read the story here...........
The text, entitled Namaste Jii (Greetings), covers the first two years of high school Hindi and is the equivalent of one year of college-level Hindi. The text includes colorful photos and illustrations and comes with workbooks on CD.


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Lokvani team


Meet Our Sponsor - Ratan Singhvi

Weddings, Graduations and Any Social Occasions
76 Mark Terrace, Randolph, MA 02368

For hundreds of Bostonians Ratan's face is a familiar one. A friendly smile and the ubiquitous camera slung low on his chest are trademarks of this remarkable artist.

A picture, it is said, is worth a thousand words, and every one of Mr.Singhvi's photographs is worth that and more. His personal approach transforms the most mundane of images to creative works of art, such is the lyrical quality of his photography. He delights in illustrating stories, weaving a unique tapestry of images and memories for his subjects. Capturing a fleeting smile or a reluctant pout, he manages to freeze the essence of any situation converting it into a memorable moment forever.

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Ratan Singhvi

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