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Confluence: A Festival Of Hope

Press Release

On June 21, 2008, over 200 people gathered together at Keefe Technical School in Framingham to celebrate Indian culture and spiritual wisdom. The festival’s performances and talks conveyed a powerful message of hope that was both entertaining and uplifting. The program was sponsored by the Boston branch of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization, located in Watertown MA. 

The keynote speaker for the evening was Sister Mohini, a raj yogi with 50 years of experience as both a student and a teacher. She currently serves as the president of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization in the USA.  Her message was both simple and powerful. She began with a dialogue about the meaning of confluence, and the period of subtle transformation from darkness into light currently being experienced in the world. This “confluence age” presents us with a choice between two paths – one towards darkness and the other into the light. She reiterated that hope is alive when we understand that we can choose the light, put our resources into the light, and consequently change the direction of both our individual lives and the world. According to the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris, this process of change starts with our own individual thoughts about our own nature. Once we trust that we are ultimately beings of peace and light, hope is a natural outcome. We see that our positive thoughts can lead us to a brighter day and ultimately to a brighter, more peaceful world. All we need is the vision. She then led an experiential meditation that brought the audience in touch with its own inner lights of peace and hope, giving each participant a unique and real vision to spark the transformation in his own life. 

The event also featured 4 dances by the Triveni Ensemble, a well known dance group from Brookline MA featuring Neena Gulati. Her program, entitled “A Confluence of Dances”, was offered by Neenaji as a prayer for peace in our world. The colorful costumes and technically precise choreography showcased the culture of India in an inspiring way.  

Actor Mahadeo Shivraj also performed one piece. His monologue showcased a glimmer of hope in this world of ego, anger, and fear. This glimmer comes in the form of the forgotten “love-link” with God that is the inherent right of all people. This link gives us the tools to bring peace and love back into the world.  

Midway through the festival, eight leaders of local non-profit groups were invited on stage to speak about the work of their respective organizations and share a message of hope for a better, more peaceful world. Festival participants could then understand that hope for our community is truly present through the work of these groups. Their words brought the ideas portrayed throughout the festival into a very real context that addresses the challenges facing both individuals and the world. 

In addition to the featured events, many exhibits were enjoyed by all who participated. These exhibits included fun games such as the VirtueScope and the Happy Meter, a spiritual art gallery illustrating the spiritual principles taught through raja yoga, a biofeedback demonstration of the effects of meditation, a meditation room, a display about “Health Care and Spirituality”, and children’s activities centered on the concepts of hope and peace.

”Confluence: A Festival of Hope” was a truly enlightening evening for all who attended.

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