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14th Annual Tulsi Ramayana Parayana

Press Release

Goswami Tulsidasji kruta
Sri Rama  Charita  Manasa
Akhanda  Parayanam

garala sudhaa ripu karaya mitaaii |
gopada sindhu anala sitalaaii ||

mangalabhavana amangalahaarii  |
dravau so dasaratha ajiravihaarii  ||

The time for singing the sweetness of Manasa has arrived. With the beginning of Spring, we start the year with our annual Sri Ramacharitamanasa Parayana in the Sri Lakshmi Temple.  The dates for this year are April 12 and 13. We
begin puja and recitation Saturday April 12 morning at 11 AM and complete around noon time on Sunday April 13. We have bhajans, arati and prasada following the recitation.

This the fourteenth year of our celebrations in the Temple, so it makes it special from the Ramayana point of view. We request your participation and devotional offering in the celebrations.  Please advise if you would be available for help in the decorations, arrangements and fixing up the prasada for the event.  No contribution is small, as we see from the stanza above.  Please help in your own way and spread the word.

Please contact any of the following persons to help support the event, to express your availability and any ideas to improve our sharing.  There is no better thrill than the collective chant of Jai Siyaram from the assembled devotees at a place of worship.  Let the vibrations reverberate around the community.

Bijoy Misra 617-864-5121, Bharat Davé 508-655-2614, Awadh Pandey 508-699-1060, Radha Narayana 508-881-9585 or Prabhu Rathi 617-232-4697.

Jai Siyaram!

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