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Lokvani Talks To Raminder Bhatia

Ranjani Saigal

Raminder Bhatia of the Prudential Suburban, Realtors was recently named recipient to the "Honor Society" by the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. for the year 2007. Raminder joined the Prudential Suburban Realtors in 2006. "He has the passion and compassion of meeting customer needs and is excited about the opportunity of serving the real estate needs of Burlington and surrounding communities," said Vincent DeLuca, Broker-Owner of Prudential Suburban, Realtors. "We are glad to have him on our team. His professionalism and hard work has made him one of the top producers of our office in just two short years."

Raminder Bhatia, a Burlington resident for over 31 years, is one of the expert team members of real estate brokers and sales agents at the Prudential Suburban, Realtors in Burlington, MA. Raminder has held his broker's license for over 27 years and specializes in both residential real estate and commercial real estate.

After working in the Hi-Tech field for over 30 years as an engineer, marketing manager and Director of Business Development, Raminder brings his varied and successful experience to the real estate industry. Raminder is a graduate of Iowa State University and of Bentley College with MSEE and MBA degrees, respectively. Raminder and his wife Bonnie raised two daughters who graduated from Burlington High School in 1994 and 2001.

You can reach Raminder any of the following ways:
781-272-2070 or 1-800- 649-2070 (O)
781-964-9009 (Mobile)

Congratulations on winning the “Honor Society” award.  In a time when the Real Estate market seems to be in trouble how did you do manage to do well?

I really enjoy my job and work hard to satisfy my customer’s needs.  The goal is to provide real value of my services to clients through subject expertise, objectively presenting the customer with all relevant data so it helps them make the best possible decisions, and finally through negotiations and the closing.  By listening carefully to the needs of the customer and gathering the appropriate information about homes and neighborhoods, I am able to present the right solution to the customer and that helps make sales. The customers particularly are impressed by the professionalism and integrity that has carried over from my previous career in Hi-Tech.

The real estate market at the present time seems to be going through a difficult phase. What advice do you have for people who are looking to buy a home at this time?

The real estate market should be looked at on a region by region basis. In Massachusetts, the average price of single family homes has come down only by 2.9% in the past two years even though sales are down by 11%. There are certain towns where there is hardly any change in price. So real estate continues to be a good investment in Massachusetts. This is definitely a good time to buy. There is a large inventory and with low interest rates and the increase of the conforming loan limits ( now over $500,000 increased from $417,000), home buying is attractive. However for those looking for a quick return on investment where they expect a significant price increase in the next 2- 3 years, it may not be realistic. In the long run of say 5 -6 years there will be return on the investment.

What areas of real estate are you concentrating on?

I provide services in residential, commercial and investment properties. I have also launched a new program for corporations. The goal is to provide professional real estate services to employees of corporations as part of employee benefits. More details are available at www.myrealtybenefits.com.

You had a long and successful career in the high tech industry. What made you seek a new career in Real Estate?

I think it happened quite by chance. I was looking to do something on my own when the real estate agent who sold me my house became ill. When I went to visit him we got into a discussion about my goals to start my own business and he offered that I work with him as a real estate agent.  I have really enjoyed this change.

In these days of extensive use of internet to buy and sell property why should people work with a real estate agent?

The statistics show that over 79% of these internet users retain the services of an agent.  It is because the significant portion of an agent’s services start after the search.  For sellers an agent can market their property better through multiple avenues. Statistics have shown that having a realtor has helped increase the sale price of a property by about 15%. Real estate agents provide extensive data to buyers which buyers may not have the time or inclination to search for and get. This helps the buyer make well informed decisions.

What advice would you give people who are looking to purchase a property?
First I would ask them to visualize if they will be happy living in the home. Second one should check if one can afford the property. Third one should evaluate the resale value of the property. When you find a property that meets most of your needs, buy it. Do not  try to bottom fish, or time the market for you are sure to lose a good thing.

What is your measure of success for a sale?

If I can meet the customer’s needs and find the home that makes the customer smile I am delighted. Customer satisfaction is my greatest joy.  I have been very fortunate that my clients have been very satisfied and have brought me referrals.

Could you tell us a little about your life outside of the real estate business?

I was raised in Kanpur. I have worked in many high tech firms in USA. I was involved in the design of the first pocket calculator called Bowmar Brains.
I have been playing sports all my life.  I love golf and tennis.  I have championships in tennis, table tennis and badminton. I enjoy running. I was the founder member of the New England Sikh Circle and was very involved in the building of the Milford Gurudwara.

Thanks so much for your time.

Thank you.

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