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What Is So Fascinating About Consciousness And Inner-technologies

Sanjay Saxena

All six billion people on earth would respond with an emphatic "Yes", what that question could be? If you are asked, "Are you conscious?", what would you say?

On Saturday, April 05, 2008, Satsang Center of Woburn is hosting a unique and stimulating interfaith dialogue on the topic of  "Consciousness and Inner-technologies". As organizers  reflected that the consciousness (Sanskrit: chaitanya) is a fact of experience for everyone, this subjective phenomena could form a great common ground for meaningful dialogue between various faith communities. With so much divisiveness in the world, there seems to be an urgent need to exchange views on consciousness and its experience by all faith traditions, no matter what they believe in. Consciousness is a universal experience just as the experience of gravity is universal .

Modern science has also made fantastic discoveries about physical, neurochemical, and informational/social basis of consciousness and its various functions. As well as, various spiritual traditions have also, in one-way or other, been exploring into the nature and content of consciousness for several millenniums. It's about time that we get together and share these experiences.
Hopefully this interfaith dialogue will, to some extent, fulfill this need. Despite important disagreements existing now among various faith traditions, we believe some worthwhile understanding will emerge.
This event is will feature different views on consciousness and methods to enhance it. Panelists are: Baha'i (Hooshmand Afshar), Buddhist (Moshe Shavit), Christian (Steven Fisher), Hindu (Sanjay Saxena), Jewish (Margaret Klein), Muslim (Mohamed Khusro), and Naturalist (Tom Clark).

The event begins with a reception and social hour from 5PM-6PM. Followed by the interfaith dialogue and Q&A from 6PM-8PM. The evening will conclude with dinner at 8PM. There is free admission and dinner. All are welcome with their family and friends.

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