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South Asian Art - In Memory Of Prashant H. Fadia

Gautam Chatterjee

There is no way to art. Art is the way. 'The Way' is the term used in the philosophy of Tao to symbolize 'The God'. In this way, art, for Awadhesh Misra, is not the way of talking but the way of living. I have been witnessing his way of life for almost one decade and more. So I can explore the evolution of his finer, sub-atomic elements which sing the song of his aesthetic life that resides in his soul.
Primarily he is an aesthete, sahridaya, if I use the accent of great sage Bharata, used in his magnum opus Natya Shastra. His eyes look at 'what is' niskala, nirguna, abstract. In the late 90s, I had appreciated his abstract line- drawings and paintings where his soul tried to colour it by the sub-atomic elements in order to maintain what is nirvastuk (unlike amoorta), not what is saadrish. The blue, the green, the red-all go in different spaces but in an all-inclusive manner. Actually his eyes are sight and his soul is perspective. He never tries to comprehend. He simply flows. One can not find out him in his art work on the level of empiricism i.e. only on the basis of experience and observation, no one can evaluate his art.
His recent works are now before me. One of these works is no doubt outstanding, that is 'Composition Three'. Similarly, some other works, oil on canvas (120 cm height and 120 cm width), like Composition 16, 2007, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25-all are the poetic colours of celebrations. I re-cognise the much talked work of Braque by seeing composition 17. After Raza, what, most of the artists ask and now I can say, the answer is, here it is, the Composition 18. In Composition 21, you can come across what we can say, abstract red. Similarly in 23, abstract yellow is there. In 25, brown of goodness explores the third meaning of red and yellow as well. Composition 22 is debatable. At the same breathe, drawing 1 and 2 (ink on paper, 36 cm-36 cm) are the plastic interpretations of this cerebral artist.
For more detail about his art, please visit: www.awadhesharts.com.

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Composition 3

Composition 16

Composition 17

Composition 18

Composition 21

Composition 22

Composition 23

Composition 24

Composition 25

Composition 01

Drawing 1

Awadhesh Misra

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