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TiEWIN Launches The 2008 Series With- 5 Secrets Of Business


Speakers at TiEWIN event offer plenty of tips

Catherine White started out as a philosophy and French major and never ever dreamt that she would become an entrepreneur.

Catherine White, the founder of FinArc, a financial firm was addressing an intimate group of women and men at the TiEWIN event hosted by TiE Boston.

 As a successful woman entrepreneur Catherine White offered her own life story  which led her to take a decision where she could be her own boss. Her epiphany came one day when she was at Harvard Square during her nightly lessons and bus rides reading the Wall Street Journal and the stock market charts. Her volunteering at a local hospital and the advice she gave to some of the nurses on shares and stocks gave her the confidence to start on her own

 â€œIt was somebody else’s idea, Catherine said in her address. “but it helped me realize my own potential”

Catherine told the story of her business and some of the lessons she learned along the way: hire the right people, set sales target to the entire team, have a strategic planning and make all accountable, and always think big.

Indu J. Isaacs also addressed the audience and shared her own challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. Indu Isaacs is the CEO and Co-founder of Formatech, and has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Oklahoma. She outlined her own foray into business and the challenges to Formatech’s success that she attributed to their dedication to excellence and forward-thinking strategies. This philosophy, she said kept them abreast of the latest outsourcing trends and needs of their pharmaceutical and biotech customers. Finally she added, " Our Customer is the advocate and the best billboard for us" and that has been responsible for thier success.

 Geetha Ramamurthy, Executive Director of TiE Boston gave a overview of TiE and its various SIGS and some of TiEWIN’s early beginnings. She hoped that the women’s group that has evolved over the years will gain momentum with the energy and enthusiasm of all present.

Mona Chopra, Co- chair of TiEWIN appealed to all present to share new ideas that can add value to the forum for women. Participants evinced interest in speed networking among women entrepreneurs as a future topic.

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photos credit: Suchitra Krishna

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