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Dance In New England

Ranjani Saigal

Over 150 Dancers Participate In Nrityanjali
The Youth Cultural and Education Program wing of the Sri Lakshmi Temple provides extensive support for artists by including arts as part of different prayer events. Thai Vellikazhami, Nrityanjali, and a fabulous upcoming Veena, Venu Violin concert are part of the effort.

Boogie Woogie - Dance Competition
Anisha Patel and Luv Karia along with Shreya Arumugam and Sumaali Chedda as runner ups were the winners of the New England Boogie Woogie Senior and Junior Dance Competitions.

Aparna Sindhoor Dance Production, A Story And A Song Captivates
Aparna Sindhoor combines folk tales with traditional Bharatnatyam in her latest production, A Story and a Song, to create an elegant and captivating performance at the Boston University Dance Theater.

Jothi Raghavan Dances To Thirumangai Alwar's Verses
“It is with great joy I share with you these passionate verses of Thirumangai Alwar. With humility, I offer this before you and hope you enjoy this poetic journey as much as I have enjoyed putting it together,” said Jothi Raghavan who danced to the famous Tamil hymns that express the agony and ecstasy of Parakala Nayaki.

Dance Of The Duo
Natyanjali, an offering of dances in praise of the various Hindu deities was presented on September 2nd at 3 pm at the Chinmaya Maruti Center in Andover, MA. The dancing duo was Amritha Mangalat and Keerthana Gnanapradeepan.

Neelam - The Dance Theater
Neelam is a fantastic presentation by one of the most creative choreographers, the beautiful and talented Anita Ratnam. It is on Sunday, November 11th at 4:30 pm. Buy tickets

Urban Kutcheri - Where Classical India Meets The Modern Metropolis
Artists A.R Balaskandan, Sonali Skandan, Arun Ramamurthy along with Jonathan Singer and Zach Knight will present an interesting program with classical Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music juxtaposed with contemporary imagery and word. The artists have performed extensively in Chennai, New York, London, LA and DC.

Devi Mahima - A Review
Devi Mahima, a thematic group performance highlighting the divine female energy was presented by the students of Smt. Ranjani Saigal and Smt. Kausalya Srinivasan (Chennai, India) on Nov. 2 at the Sri Lakshmi temple. Senior students Amudha Pazhanisamy, Amrita Saigal and Kavitha Vijeyasekar were impressive.

Boston Bhangra Competition Rocks Orpheum
Dancing to a houseful audience, Bhangara teams from all over the US competed for title and cash prizes in the Boston Bhangara competition. San Diego, CA won the first place, while the VCU team took second place. MIT came in third.

Where Jazz Meets Kathak
Natraj presented their first collaboration with classical kathak dance dancer Gretchen Hayden at Springstep in Medford, MA.

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Priests, Teachers and Committee Members After Nrityanjali Prayers

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