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Lokvani Talks To...in The Year 2007 - Part 1


Lokvani Talks To Michelle Vakili
“It is important for the members of the Indian American community to take active interest in understanding the immigration laws and suggesting reforms that could have a positive impact on their lives,” says Michele Vakili, Partner at Vakili Karimi LLC. A great supporter of the Indian community, Vakili talked about her practice and answered some immigration questions.

Lokvani Talks To Shikha Bhatnagar
Shikha Bhatnagar, originally from Las Vegas, NV, is currently Executive Director of the Akshaya Patra Foundation. Bhatnagar describes her unusual career path and talks about the huge impact created by Akshaya Patra in improving the lives of millions of children in India.

Lokvani Talks To Prajit Dutta
Prajit K. Dutta, a Professor of Economics at Columbia University, is the Managing Partner in the Arts India group of companies that owns three Indian Art galleries. He spoke to Lokvani about Indian art and gave pointers on purchasing art pieces.

Lokvani Talks To Fozia Vasowalla
Fozia Vasowalla, a local artist from Andover will display her cut paper art at the Sahayta South Asian Art Exhibition on March 30th, 2007

Lokvani Talks To Preeti Gupta Shah, Founder, Copper Pages
I believe so strongly in the CopperPages concept that I don’t see myself stopping it for any reason, even if we get competition, because I know that our extraordinary team will always be the leader in this niche.- Preeti Gupta Shah, Founder, Copper Pages.

Lokvani Talks To Sreenivas Kaki, President, TAGB
“We, the committee members of TAGB work as a team and are focused on making it the most open, transparent and effective organization, and also extend our activities from primarily cultural to social, political and community oriented efforts" - Sreenivas Kaki, President, TAGB.

Lokvani Talks To Dr. Aneesh Singhal
Dr. Aneesh Singhal of the MGH Stroke Research Center, talks to Lokvani about AINA and its new initiative, the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lokvani Talks To Raj Alur, President, TiE Boston
Our team has built this year’s TiECON East on the theme ‘Building a Competitive Edge through Innovation and Global Collaboration’. We have pulled together terrific expertise from three panels - Technology, Health and Enterprise - Raj Alur, President, TiE Boston.

Lokvani Talks To Desh And Jaishree Deshpande
After attaining superstar status in the world of entrepreneurship, Dr. Gururaj "Desh" Deshpande, along with his wife Jaishree has turned his attention to social entrepreneurship. They spoke to Lokvani about their life, their philanthropic work and shared the secrets to their phenomenal success.

Lokvani Talks To Niru Bhatia
What makes Platinum different is that we focus on the client relationship. In MA, auto insurance is regulated, which means the price of insurance is the same regardless of which company or agency you go to- Niru Bhatia

Part II follows in our January issue

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