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Friends Foundation And TANA Donate Backpacks

Press Release

Friends Foundation and TANA together donated 200 backpacks along with supplies like note books, pens, pencils, crayons and glue to the children at Chandler Elementary Community School in Worcester, Massachusetts. Chandler School is a local community school, where more than 90% of children are from working class community of an old industrial city Worcester. The Worcester City Mayor, Mrs. Konstantina Lukes acted as the chief guest of the event. She was very happy  distributing those bags and thankful to Friends Foundation for their generosity and thoughtfulness to the children. She compared Mohan Nannapaneni, TANA and Friends Foundation as guardian angels of this school. She also hoped that the backpack distribution would continue in the future to benefit the children of local community.

Few parents came along with the children to receive backpacks were amazed with the quality of the bags and the generosity of the Indian community. They were very appreciative in receiving those backpacks while speaking to local TV Channels. The principal of the school Mr. Mark Berthiaume was also very pleased with the generosity of Friends Foundation and TANA. While talking to the press he mentioned that this backpacks would be wonderful gifts to the children at the beginning of the academic year. Mr. Purna Rao, Mrs. Shama Nannapaneni volunteered and participated the event. Suren, Hima, Swathi and Pranay helped in packing the backpacks with stationary supplies and distributing to the children.

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