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Hyderabad Blues

Ranjani Saigal

Producer & Director : Nagesh Kukunoor *ing: Nagesh Kukunoor, Vikram Inamdar, Rajshri Nair

My in-laws, visiting from India wanted to see a film that was not run of the mill Indian but yet had an Indian look and feel. So I decided to pick out Hyderabad Blues, having heard some good reviews about it. I must say it turned out to be a good choice. Not quite your Oscar winning number with a profound philosophical base! No glamorous sets! (The movie was shot in 17 days on a low budget of Rs 2 million) No breathtaking song and dance sequence with Ms. Universe in a Swiss village! Yet there was something special that appealed! Perhaps it was the honest and sincere effort of the artists that shone through.

The movie reaches out to many Indian-Americans since the movie is about the home coming of an Indian Engineer. Many of the scenes especially the depiction of the typical Indian home and many details like the conversations with the maid servant and the milkman bring a authentic touch to the film. The hero of Hyderabad Blues is Varun, played by the director Nagesh Kukunoor. The movie revolves around his visit home after 12 years in the USA. The essence of the film is conveyed by, "I followed traditions blindly when I lived here, but now I question them too," Varun, the protagonist of Hyderabad Blues, tells a friend who is going through an arranged marriage. He finds himself facing a culture shock in reverse - unable to understand any more what he had taken for granted earlier. The homeland now is as foreign to him as his country of adoption. To satisfy the incurable romantics, there is a cute romance between Varun and a lady doctor who snubs him every time!

The movie did attempt to question many traditions in a sympathetic manner. I was very excited to see the question of " Who will quit their career and move after marriage" being raised! But lo and behold the question quite remained unanswered!

But all in all it was a great first attempt by Nagesh Kukanoor and if you are in the mood for something light and fun, it is worth your time to watch it!

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