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Ask Chaachi Chichu...Advice Column

Chaachi ji


Chaachi Chichu's advice column

  Chaachi Ji has been in the Q & A biz for years now. She wants to help humanity out with her keen insight into everything under the sun. Cooking, Gardening, domestic issues, immigration, you got a question, she’s got the answer. We, at lokvani, are fortunate to have her on our pages. Please post your questions to her on info@lokvani.com with Chaachi Chichu in the subject box.

  Says Chaachi  “Ask away, kids. I am here 24/7 to answer pesky problems that plague you. Let me smoothen out that brow.”


Sample questions and answers

  Question:  Dear Chaachi, I am sad and depressed. I have zits on my face and kids in my school call me pizza face. Help!

  Spotty Sharma, Shrewsbury

   Answer:   Spotty beta, Try this for one week.

Add two tbsp besann to 1 tbsp multani mitti( available in every Asian store) and stir in enough water to make a smooth paste. Apply to face, let dry, wash off with luke-warm water. If that does not work, wear a mask to school. You'll look cool and mysterious .

  Q: Chaachi ji Namaskaar, I am an innocent housewife, all thumbs in the kitchen. I have to make chana masala for my husband and his family everyday and I mess it up every time. Please give me a fool -proof recipe.

Bechari bahu, Boylston

  A: Dear Bechari bahu , fear not any more. Here is a time tested recipe.

Chana( canned)-3 cups, Onions-3 medium, Tomatos-2 mdium. Garlic/Ginger paste 1 tsp, Turmeric and chilli powder-1sp of each, Amchur powder or tamarind paste 1 tsp. Garam Masala/Chana Masala 2 tsp Mint leaves, coriander leaves for garnish.

Chop the onions and tomatos fine. Fry garlic/ginger pase and onions in oil till slightly brown. Add turmeric and chilli  powders,  and fry for a minute. Add tomatos and fry for 3 minutes. Add tamarind paste( or Amchur powder), chana , chana masala, salt and water and boil for 5 minutes. The gravy should thicken. Garnish with mint and coriander leaves.

  Q: Chaachi, you old fox, how’re tricks? I have a beeg problemo, please help! I was a Walmart store recently and was accosted by a ageing female, who bent my ear talking about a temple that her group has built in Lowell. However hard I tried to shake her, she would follow me and proclaim that I needed to join her group to avoid dire retribution in heaven. I escaped but barely so, what is the protocol while dealing with such religious lunatics?

Champaklal , Chelmsford

  A: Champak beta, good to hear from you. A very pertinent and savvy question.  Bean religious fanatics on the head with a heavy object would be my advice. But fearing litigious consequences, I would retract that advice. There is nothing more annoying than to have someone accost you in a public place and talk drivel. Anyway, the next time someone does that give it back to them double. I mean start talking about your religion( make one up to annoy these types) and don’t let them get a word in edgewise. Clutch their arms and get a fevered look in your eyes. Chances are they’ll beat a hasty retreat!

  Q: Chaachi ji, how do I say this…its embarrassing…I don’t know who to turn to! I am so scared of my wife! We have been married happily ( she tell me ‘happily’) for eight years now and I am s*** scared of the woman. What do I do? I can’t leave her, I’m too scared of facing the world alone. Sob…

Lalloo, Lowell

  A: Lalloo, puttar, don’t worry. There are many who face the same problem but are scared to come out and admit it like you did . You did not tell me why you fear your gharwali though. I need more information to give you sound advice. But remember, its better to be scared of your spouse than of the rest of the world. Write to me again.

  Q:  Chaachi , Can I mix plaids and checks and stripes? I have some cool clothes for school this year, and seeing how nattily dressed you are at all times I thought you could guide me on this one.

Sandhya ‘ Sandy’ in Somerville.

  A: Sandy dear child, of course you may mix checks, stripes and plaid. Wear what pleases you and wear it well. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it.

  That’s all for now, betis and betas. Remember to send me questions that bother you and you’ll get an honest answer, I promise.

Praise be to the Spice girls!


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