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AASRA Launches Development Fund


“There is an AASRA for everyone. If one door closes, another opens up, so don’t give up’. This simple comment by Ekta, an AASRA support recipient on June 27th, 2007 at the AASRA Development Fund Launch , summed up the groups’ efforts to assist women in need and encourage them to be independent individuals in their own right. With a strong voice and a confident stance, she stirred the emotions of all present as she narrated her tale of a marriage gone sour and her valiant attempts to escape it with help from the group. An MBA degree in hand, Ekta now hopes to find herself a job and be self sufficient.


The occasion marked the Asian American Support and Resource Agency (AASRA), new initiative: evolving from a support resource group to a grant services agency. State Representative Kay Khan, addressing the gathering lauded their efforts, “I am delighted to be here on this momentous occasion. I was introduced to this organization through my husband  Dr Nasir Khan and Dr Purnima Sangal of IMANE and I am glad to see that South Asian women have come together to offer this resource”. Dr Khan talked about her own role in policy making at the State level and the grassroots efforts to support women’s causes. Lamenting that the needs of the South Asian community is still relatively unknown, she said “There needs to be more education about the community. I hope we can offer the support that you need, whenever you need it.”


Shulman Reinharz, Director, women’s studies research center, Brandeis University, also the guest of honor said that groups like AASRA see potential in woman which others don’t. “If woman lack education or resource you change these conditions and empower them to grow,” she said. She also urged everyone to attend an art show 'Tiger by the Tail' at Brandeis University that will open on October 4th and will feature 17 women artists from India.


Chitra Staley, President of AASRA welcomed the gathering and thanked Foley Hoag for their support and  Sameer Desai and Aditi Foundation  for help in the Fund. She hoped that needy women will come forward to avail this opportunity for grants. Dr Purnima Sangal, took the opportunity to point out that health is often neglected by South Asian women and asked those  present to take care of their health and pay more attention to risks like diabetes and high blood pressure while taking care of their families. Saluni Fadia of the Fadia Foundation, the first contributor to the new AASRA fund recounted her own personal crisis after her husband’s death and how she felt the need to support AASRA for this special event. Others who spoke included Jean Patel, Secretary, AASRA who read a beautiful poem of Rumi on giving.



Some Key facts of the New Development Fund

AASRA will use a clearly defined open application process and interview that is justified on a need-basis, to welcome and qualify any South Asian woman from the Boston area to be a candidate for the AASRA South Asian Women's Development Fund award.

In 2007 and 2008, as phase one of the AASRA South Asian Women's Development Fund, fiscal support to grant winners will be focused on, and limited to, educational advancement, skills training, and certification. Salient points of the AASRA South Asian Women's Development Fund for 2007-2008, are as follows:

  • Applicants will submit grant funding requests for identified training programs. These professional certification/educational programs will not exceed 1 to 2 years in duration. Examples include Certified Nursing Assistant, Business Diploma, PC training, Technical Schools, Beauty Services License, etc.
  • Application process will be simple, and will include an application form, a brief interview, and supporting documentation, e.g. acceptance to programs, letters of recommendation, etc.
  • Fund awards will be individual, and needs-based. Pre-defined award amounts for 2007-2008 are $500, $1000, $1500 per year per award recipient. Maximum individual grant amounts will be limited to $2000 per year.
  • The 2007-2008 AASRA Fund will award funds to a maximum of 5 grant applicants, with a total award recipient payout of $10,000 per year.
  • The Fund grant approval and deciding body is the AASRA Fund Grant Approvals Committee which will include South Asian community leaders, and members of the AASRA Board.

For more information click on http://www.aasranewengland.com/



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