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IANH Spring Festival 2007

Rama Sriram

It was an evening of awards, music and dance filled with gaiety at the IANH Spring Festival held at the Nashua High school North on Saturday, May 19th, 2007. Spring epitomizes prosperity year after year, so is the IANH Spring Festival motivating the youngsters with their educational, cultural and community activities each year since 1995.

The show began with a welcome address by Mr. Prithvi Kumar, the president of the association, who dedicated the event to the IANH youth members, followed by the invocation song by students of Jyothi Sharma.

Over 450 people cheered the performers as they sang and danced for about 35 performances which showcased their efforts and talents.  

Awara Bhawarein song by a 3-year-old Karishma Manchanda and a solo tap dance performance by Madhumitha Sriram were well appreciated by the audience. The solo dance performances for the Bollywood songs by Tejas Shroff and Avvinash Radhakrishnan was a fine treat to all.

The program also included Jatiswaram, Meera Bhajan and semi-classical songs by students of Sandhya Sridhar, performed with fine synchronization.

The group dance performances by Shravani Balaji, Nandita Reddy, Partha, Nikhil, Mayank, Ananya and Shivani and by students of Neha Parikh, Jasmine Shah, Sujatha, Sheethal Dwaraka and Mani Eapur were enjoyable.

There was an attractive vocal recital of Yajur Vedam by Anirudh Dwarakanath. Neil shah displayed his talent on the keyboard with a fine western classical note.

The students of SNHU won the hearts of the audience with their fantastic dance duet.

Mohini Attam presented by Sheethal Dwaraka, which she herself choreographed, was very graceful.

Mr.Ravi Sakhuja, the president of the Indian American Forum of Political Education [IAFPE], who was the guest of honor for the event, handed out the trophies and certificates to the Education bee winners and youth volunteers in recognition of their commitment towards the community services and active participation in all the IANH events.
 "It's a lot of fun and we get to interact more with our friends and socialize with everyone", said Ashish, a youth volunteer. "We are going to bring in more members", declared Vignesh who was helping back stage.
"They might some day move up to managing IANH", observed Mr. Kumar, and "Continuation of these programs as well as adding new ones that will make an impact in someone's life will help to promote a positive image of Indian-American community as a whole", he added.
The event was well co-ordinated by the IANH cultural committee chair person Mrs.Usha Dwarakanath.
Gurnam Catering Service, Merrimack, NH and Food and Fashion of India, Nashua,NH  provided food and snacks for the event and Shazia's Dress Shoppe sold dresses and ornaments outside the auditorium.

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