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A Creative Approach To Teach Devnagari

Ranjani Saigal

Teaching Indian languages to children who are brought up in the US can be a challenging problem. Children learn best at a very young age. At a young age since the fine motor skills are not well developed children do not particularly enjoy writing.

To solve this problem, Boston resident Subhash Saigal has come up with a creative toy. Saigal is known in the Boston area for his efforts to keep the Indian culture alive in the New England area. The toy he has created is a magnetic board with magnetic Devnagari alphabets.  The alphabets are very colorful and easy to move on the board. Young children who delight in playing with blocks will love these alphabets. Parents could easily use this interest to make a game of learning of the alphabets.

As the children grow older they can begin to lay out the alphabets on the board to make words. Again since this does not involve writing the process can be fun and educational.  Later when children become comfortable with the writing process they would already have gained considerable familiarity with the letters and it would make the writing process simple. If nothing at least the familiarity with letters makes it easy for them to read the script.

The Devnagari script is used to write Hindi, Sanskrit and Marathi.  Thus children learning any of these languages would find this a very useful tool.  The toy is available in any Indian groceries stores and will surely make a valuable gift to any child.

For more information please contact Mr. Subhash Saigal at (508) 872-0012 or Email: spanchii@yahoo.com

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