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Plea for peace

Rinku Dutta and Nirmala Garimella

Hakeekat ho ya Khwaab -Rinku Dutta

Such to yay hai kay tumharee awaz mayN pehchanti naheeN
Such to yay hai kay tumharee hNothoN ki boli
Aaj tak sunHeeN naheeN
Kal agar raaste mein tum kaheeN mil bhi gaye
Tumharee ekhi puranee tasveer se
MayN shayed tumhe pehchanungi bhi naheen

Paas paas kuchh door chal bhi chale saath saath
Phir bhi koi baat
To banegi naheeN

Zindagi khwaab hai, ya khwaab zindagi
Kya such hai, kya jhoothh; baat to yay huyee
Hum kabhi "upna", upnaye naheeN

Be it Reality or a Dream

What is true is that I don't recognize your "voice"
What is true is that I don't know the language of your
lips (intimate knowledge of the "other" country)
Even to this day
Tommorow if perchance I meet you on the street
From that one old photograph of yours
(the image of the "other" at the time of partition),
It's possible, that I won't even recognize you
(who you are now)
If we walk together, alongside each other for some distance
(further beyond 2001)
Even then it's unlikely
That some bond will develop (between us)

Whether life is a dream or a dream is life;
What is true, what's false; what it comes to
Is that we never "made our own" our own.
(we never owned each other as blood brothers and sisters)

Jung ki koi Zarurat nahin - Nirmala Garimella

Jung ki koi Zarurat nahin
Jung ki koi hakeekat nahin
Jung uttar nahin is prashn ka
Lejayegi humee ye kaheen nahin

Agar Ladna hi he to Lado
Mitao garibi, ,bedh, bhav aur aage bado
Chalo milkar saath laden
Hatain unnyay aur nafrat
Humen sab jeena hein Marna nahin
Prem , muhabbat aur shanti se Rahen
Jisse Dhekhkar duniya kahen
Wah Wah kya dost bankar jeeye

War is not a necessity

War is not a necessity
War is not an end
War is not the answer
And will lead to a deadend
If you really need to fight
Fight poverty and discrimination and march forward
Let us fight together
And eliminate injustice and hate
We all need to live and not die
So Let us live in love and peace
So that the world might sit up and say
Wow long live such friendship

(Rinku Dutta comes from a Bengali home in West Bengal. she considers herself a humanist and a world citizen. She has done her Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Rutgers University. She loves to write and paint. )

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