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Akashvani - Column On Astrology


Predictions given under, are based on Vedic system of traditional astrology where gochara (transit) results are based on Moon sign and Janma Nakshatra. You will need to know your birth Rasi and Nakshatra to follow the bi-monthly predictions. If you do not know your nakshatra, please email shashtriji. He will send the same to you . You will need to send him your complete birth details. (This service is free of charge) He can be contacted at 313-562-0335 or by email at daivagyashashtri@yahoo.com

(Ashwini, Bharani and Kritika 1st charan)

New ways and new beginnings will occupy your interest. For some of you, you will enjoy new financial freedom and elevation in status. Those of you, who had been waiting for things to happen, have a cause to celebrate now.

Among good things, lie some problems too. For, some of you who may be under adverse period of Rahu or Saturn. Seniors and higher higher ups would busy themselves discussing your fate on some allegations made against you. A sort of Inquiry is likely against you for misdemeanor.

My advice for Mesh Rasi people is to keep their slates clean and avoid situations that can drag them in controversies.

Mesh jathaks in senior age group and those having sugar problem need to exercise utmost care now. The indication of a stroke or a heart attack is very strong. And for some of you, hospitalization is a strong possibility.

Children would have small health complain. Father’s health may cause you concern. Later part of the fortnight will find you stretched to maximum.

Prayers to Lord Vighna Vinayaka and Abhishekam would minimize a lot of problems.

(kritika,Rohini and 2 padas of Mrigashirsha)

For a steady personality like yours, the situation under the surface of things will disturb you and you would find yourself pre occupied most of the times with deep thoughts about future.

You would think of throwing everything to the winds and retire at some corner of planet where you don’t want to be bothered and disturbed. But things and situations would not let you go at this juncture. Your love for money would hold you back.

At work front, you may have to face some unexpected problems that will tire you out. Your spouse will be very supportive but also demanding. If you have postponed things that demand your attention, you need to complete your tasks immediately. Health would also be on your mind. If you feel exhausted at small tasks, you need to consult your physician. Old complaints, especially concerning heart and sugar would surface.

A misunderstanding with siblings and coworker would put you in spot. Avoid such confrontations.

Prayers to Lord Shiva would help you to overcome darker moods and bad times.

(Mrigashirsha3, 4 padas, Aridra and Punarvasu3 padas)

Run of good luck pays full dividends if proper karma and efforts are undertaken. Just when things start getting better, you may relax and become over confident. This will not yield good result. Problem s may crop up needing your full attention with a lot of heartburns involved in it.

If you are in clothing or ornament industry, you will reap good profits. People in machine/iron industry may have to suffer a small set back. IT industry will support all IT professionals and they may go places. It is possible that you would have to undertake urgent and sudden trip.

A chronic problem would crop up among family members, which may leave you angry and frustrated. But now is the time to find a final solution pertaining to any property matter among family members.

Sudden expenses may crop up so be prepared to use contingency funds from your budget. Parents will be needing your attention and comfort.  Get blessed by them by doing the needful.

Pray Mata Maha Lakshmi and donate something to orphanage.

(Punarvasu 4th pada, Pushya and Ashlesha)

I have already warned you last time that people may be conspiring against you and you should be on your guard. The planets this fortnight still indicate such people are tirelessly working to upset your applecart. If they have the power, you have the tact and blessings of superior power. Just act normal and keep your distance from unscrupulous elements. Chances of getting a bad name due to a female are strong. So do not put yourself in jeopardy at this sensitive time.

Spouse’s health will demand your complete attention if you are above 55 years age. You too may have to visit the doctor with complains of chest and stomach problems. Take care while riding or driving.

Your children will progress and will be giving you a reason to feel happy about. A trip is on the cards so keep your bags packed. You will meet friends and relatives and enjoy with them around middle of this fortnight.

Prayers to Mata Lalitambika would bring you peace and happiness.

( Magha, Purva and U. Phalguni 1 pada)

Sometimes people get a feeling that they are in wrong time and wrong place. This is exactly what is happening with you. If you find that things that are happening are not what you had in mind, then blame your stars. They are all camping in enemy’s camp or in wrong places. You may have to re work on a lot of equations with regard to your standing with people who matter. If you are in serious relationship, you would have to work more not to let it become frosty. Misunderstanding with spouse and partner will be easy to come by.

Overall picture denotes that you should take extra care in your dealings and talk with almost everyone.

If you are thinking of changing job, I would request you to wait a little longer or at least do a thorough check and then take the plunge.

Eligible unmarried people will find sudden developments happening towards landing a good life partner.

Father’s health and some illness or accident in maternal family side would need your attention.

Prayers to Mata Gayatri would make you feel happy.

(U. Phalguni , Hasta and Chitra 2 pada)

If you feel angry over small matters and see relationships going sour, you are to blame. Your single-minded approach to earn or succeed would make you step on many toes and create enemies and turn friends in foes.It is upto you to sit down and take stock of the situation and look at the bottom. Chances are, you would find yourself there.What I am coming to tell you my Virgo friends is that like everything else, people are also important and more than that, your relationships with them are important. You can’t stand-alone and claim victory when nothing or nobody exists.

God has given you this time of next six months to work on this important thing and try and balance out your working relationships with different people who matter to you.

Since you are riding a wave of success and financial freedom, there is not much to worry about at the job/profession front.Unemployed people can expect sudden calls for placement. For students wanting to study abroad, it is time you got cracking on looking for the best university. You will succeed in getting admitted in a fine institution.

If you find friendless, pray Lord Rama with simple mantra of,

Sri Ram Raameti Raameti

Rame Raame Manorame

Sahasra Naamtatulyam

Ram Naam Varaanane.

(Chitra 3,4 pada Swati, Vishakha 3 pada)

If you are angry and worked up at small or large things or at people, I won’t be surprised. Saturn and Mars are at daggers occupying your 4th and 10th houses at this moment. And with Rahu eclipsing the Sun in 5th house in transit, you would find yourself at extreme ends from time to time. But there is a silver lining here in Guru helping you out.

Elderly people must get themselves checked for heart related complaints and also stomach problems. A minor cut or surgery cannot be ruled out for some chronic patients.

At the job front, things do not look too bright. Un necessary reworking and delayed projects would cause you headaches.

Some of the plans or projects would be stalled for no good reason and you will find yourself in spot. Your car and electronic gadgets would decide to malfunction adding to more frustration.

But this is how life is. You nature is to take things philosophically as Saturn is your best friend. Like the spider, you would immediately start repairing the loose or broken ends and go about starting anew. This trait is the most admiring thing in your personality.

Children and spouse would be supportive. Try and spend a week end with them away from it all and you would feel happy the coming weeks.

Prayers to Lord Vishnu would put your mind to rest and uplift the spirits.

(Visahakha 4th pada Anuradha and Jyestha)

Just when you have started feeling peace and quiet, a newer challenge is waiting for you round the corner. This new challenge might be in the form of a new project at work or something at home front, which you will have to baby seat and look into. But this new responsibility would be worth enjoying.

A message or a letter from government or your company might put you in spot and make you prepare new plans. Your spouse would be very supportive and so would be your children. For elderly people, a period of retirement will be discussed which would change the scene at home front.

A change of place is also indicated for some of you.

Parent’s health will continue to cause concern. Take care of them as your top priority. If you are about 40, then you too need to get sugar level checked.

You would be performing religious ceremony or attending a family function. A visit from your relatives is also indicated.

At work front, you will have to put in fresh efforts to prove yourself. There is an indication of reworking or remodeling of your project if you are in IT industry.

Please perform Vishnu pooja with Sahasra Nama chanting on Sundays to get relief from worries.

(Mula, P.shadha and 1st pada of U. Shadha)

For some time, you have harbored some ideas, which you want to give a shape. This fortnight, you would be thinking on ways to launch your ideas to put in some concrete form.

A sort of pilot project or pilot plan would take shape in your mind.Your boss at work or your superiors would put some extra responsibilities on your shoulder. You may be asked to head a new project as a team leader too.You will have to take into account that you are going to sail your ship in the desert if you are with wrong team of players. So choose the team members as per your liking.

I must caution you that you will need to keep calm and not react if things or people are at tangent from you. Allergy and sudden rush of blood would be a cause of bad health for people in mid forties and above.

If you are planning to buy property or a car, you would be thinking in right direction. Go ahead and buy. Children would be progressive and will put in their best to make you feel proud.

Lord Karthikswamy would bless you.


(U.shadha2, 3,4 padas, Shravan, Dhanishtha1, 2 padas)

Last fortnight and this may stand out in contrast. You would be like a revving racecar in waiting ready to run forth full of new thrust and with newfound energy.Everything is in your favor except yourself. Your attitude and others miss understanding you will be a cause of conflict. In rush of things, you are likely to hurt the ego of others and rub them wrong way during coming days.I would suggest that you take everyone along in your plans and seek their advice. You will have to work with equations that help you to go forward. This means that you cannot afford to spoil relation with anyone at this stage.

For some of you, sudden trips abroad or far off place is indicated. Work will be as usual but there is a sense of taking things too easy and taking for granted for some of you. This would not pay in long run. A change of company or place is indicated for some of you and this will be with a lot of monetary gains.

Small misunderstanding with family members would put you at unease on or around new moon day. Try and keep control over your emotions this fortnight.

Prayers to Lord Mahadeva would ease tension.

(Dhanishtha3,4 padas,Shatabhisha,Pu. Bhadrapada 1,2,3 Padas)

For a change, you would be ready to repair broken relationships and mending the frayed corners. But do the others know your intentions? Your reacting to people and situations has brought you to a level where you will need to put in a lot of your good intentions and extra effort. You have good office of Brihaspati to help you out in this task. Remember that your stand-alone attitude cannot be a productive idea to most of the world. This world is by the people and made of the people.

If you are into investing, IT sector is a very fine long-term investment. Food industry is also a lucrative field. Investments from land and immovable properties will yield good returns. If you are contemplating a move to a better place, you will land a fine house at this juncture. Move on new moon day to be very happy there.

Pay attention to parent’s health complaints. A parent might have to be hospitalsed for surgery or for heart problem.

Offer prayers to Navagraha and seek their blessings.

(Pu.Bhadrapada,U. Bhadrapada and Revathy)

Some of you who are still reeling from Saturn's onslaught on your health, will have to take things easy. The ill effects are still very strong to cause more health problems. This is very strong indication for people who are in high-risk age groups. Upwardly mobile and above 50 age group people will have to note this very seriously. 

I am stressing this again because the stars indicate a lot of discomfort and impairment is likely due to heart condition to such high-risk group members.   

Children would be very supportive and at times lording over you. But this goes to show that they love you.  

Your profession and job is likely to be on your mind even when you are at home. You would be carrying your office work to your home to meet the deadlines. If this is just for one time, it is ok but do not do it on regular basis as kethu in 2nd house indicates that the family would need your love and attention too. Becoming workaholic comes easy to you but it is not always a good thing. 

At the beginning of fortnight, you would be in troubled mood but as day’s progress, there will be a better phase to put things in right perspective with things becoming clear to you. 

Lord Maha Ganapathy with Riddhi and Siddhhi would bless you.


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