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MIT Natya Bharatanatyam Show - A Real Treat!

Ranjani Saigal

On Feb 17 , 2007 (President's Day) MIT home page spelt the letters MIT using a Pullikolam (Rangoli) motif to shine the spotlight on the MIT Natya club's presentation "Natyanjali". The event held at the Little Kresgee auditorium was presented by nine dancers who were members of the MIT community. From postdocs to freshman, these women clearly showed that while they may be exploring the frontiers of technological advancements, they were all firmly rooted in their heritage and were talented Bharatanatyam dancers.

The dancers, with varying skill levels had received training in different parts of the world. Few had received training in Chennai, some were trianed in the US and one had received training in Kenya. It was a delight to see students present a traditional margam in classic  Bharatanatyam style. In this age of "fusion" it was great to see interest in classicism. 

The evening opened with a Pushpanjali in the Ragam Nattai by Chandini Valiathan and Charulekha Varadarajan This was followed by Shlokams (Mooshika Vahana, Saraswathi Namastubyam, Namastasthu Mahamaye and Angikam) by   Jayanthi Jayakumar , Samiksha Nayak, Shriddha Nayak, Amrita Saigal, Jayodita Sanghvi, and  Chandni Valiathan. Samikhsha Nayak and Shriddha Nayak presented Todaya Mangalam (Jaya Janaki Ramana). Jathiswaram  in Ragam Vasantha was presented by  Chandni Valiathan. The beautiful and fairly intense T.R.Subramanium Tana Varanam  in Behag was presented by  Radha Kalluri,and Charuleka Varadharajan where they the story of Gajendra Moksham and Geetopadesham was used as part of the Sanchari Bhava.

Following the intermission, Amrita Saigal presented Govindan Kuzhal Osai Kettu, followed by Yethanai Sonnalum by Gayathri Srinivasan. Bega Baro in Ragam Mand was presented by Jayanthi Jayakumar, Samiksha Nayak, Shriddha Nayak, Amrita Saigal, Jayodita Sanghvi and Chandni Valiathan . The piece included a very cute kummi at the end. Amrithavarshini Tillana by Gayathri Srinivasan brought the program to a thrilling end.

It was a delight to see the effort and the professionalism of the performers. The group dances were done in perfect synchronicity and the flow of the program was beautiful.  The master of ceremony Anila Sinha was excellent. In addition to practicing and performing the students took care of the entire organization of the event which was extremely professional.

Lokvani salutes these young women who despite their busy scheduled at MIT are putting the effort to  keep their heritage alive.


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Amrita Saigal, Jayathi Jayakumar, Samikhsha Nayak,Chandini Valiathan,Charulekha Vaidhyanathan, Anila Sinha, Radha Kalluri, Jayodita Sanghvi,Shriddha Nayak, Gayathri Srinivasan

MIT in Pullikolam (Rangoli)

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