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Astrology - What Is In It For You This Fortnight


Predictions given under, are based on Vedic system of traditional astrology where gochara (transit) results are based on Moon sign and Janma Nakshatra. You will need to know your birth Rasi and Nakshatra to follow the bi-monthly predictions. If you do not know your nakshatra, please email shashtriji. He will send the same to you . You will need to send him your complete birth details. (This service is free of charge) He can be contacted at 313-562-0335 or by email at daivagyashashtri@yahoo.com

( Ashwini, Bharani and Kritika 1st charan)
You are set to bring some changes in your life now. Putting the house in order, changing the furniture, repainting etc would be order of the day. It is as if you want to shed the old skin and be ready to face the world with brighter, newer colors. A new mission and a missionary approach would be evident in your thinking and attitude. There will be a military type disciplined approach in your methods. You would be entrusted with more responsible work at job front. A clash of personalities is not ruled out during this fortnight. Relations with people and souse will remain productive and helpful if you adopt a flexible approach. Children will be a source of joy and they may be a bit demanding on your time and resources. A sort of fever or allergic problem may be faced by a child due to adverse placement of nodes. Parents will be in benign mood and there is happiness all around. But as is your nature, you would still express your displeasure at things and people around you. Praying Lord Krishna would be a lovely service you will do to yourself.
(kritika,Rohini and 2 padas of Mrigashirsha)
Uncertainty at many fronts including your job would continue to occupy your mind this fortnight. Mixed signals and rumors would only heighten your anxiety and this is likely to affect your health and sleep pattern. People, who are in their late fifties, would seriously think of retirement at this stage. Being a Sthira (stable) sign, you hate things that affect your equilibrium. But the planets are placed in such a manner that they will affect you where you get affected most. People in IT sector would do well to play their cards holding them close to their chest. Do not volunteer to give away your bright ideas. A change of a large nature is coming your way. Any hasty decisions taken at this stage may boomerang at a later date. You should keep your nature to its coolest or else you may have serious problem with your siblings. Avoid getting into arguments and reacting at situations that affect you. Silver lining that is on the horizon is happiness from children. They will make you proud with their achievements. A letter from government or authorities will make you run around later in the fortnight. Praying Lord Ashutosh (Lord Shiva) would get you desired peace and happiness.

(Mrigashirsha3, 4 padas, Aridra and Punarvasu3 padas)
Last fortnight had its own adverse effects but the tide is turning this fortnight with Moon and Sun transiting in good places. Except for Chandrashtamam days, you are enjoying good returns and good food in the company of friends and family. Things and projects that had come to a halt, will start progressing. Monies that were held up will start flowing in again. However, there is also a slight gray patch at the professional and job front. You are likely to antagonize some people by your remarks. Keeping your thoughts to yourself is advised. Speak after measuring pros and cons. Investments will show a good promise of returns. I would suggest you to look for trading cautiously in volatile sectors. Benefits are expected from foreigners and Middle East sectors if you are dealing in petroleum products or plastics. Prayers to Lord Sheshashaayi Vishnu Bhagavan would give you your desired peace and tranquility.
(Punarvasu 4th pada, Pushya and Ashlesha)
Last fortnight I had warned you of problems at job front and also be on your guard when you speak. I continue my warning this time also. People are loading their guns to put you out of action for a while. So it is strongly advised that you keep yourself in clear of any situation that is being created by unscrupulous people around you  No harm will ultimately come to you but you would feel deeply hurt.     Children would like to chart out their course in their fashion. They would not like you to meddle in their affair. Keeping your distance from them and also your adversaries is advised. You might feel that people who are plotting against you may succeed. No, it is not so easy to defeat you. You have excellent power of Mars guarding your interests.     Keeping mum and performing your duty without reacting are advised,     You may have small misunderstanding with spouse and also your close friends. But again, good sense will prevail.   Finances will weigh strongly in your mind during this fortnight. You may also think of shifting or buying some property or car at this juncture.  I would say that you should wait slightly longer by about a month or so for a better deal.        Prayers to Mata Lalitambika would bring happiness.       
( Magha, Purva and U. Phalguni 1 pada)
If you sit back and think back, you would realize that your differences with others have to do with your attitude and your anger. Mending and repairing relationships are very important. Mistrust will not take you anywhere. Presently you are undergoing a phase that will make you see red  where there is nothing to doubt. If you want to go ahead, it is time for you to walk with others.     Finances will be on a low this fortnight. Work related tensions will however start easing but you need to put in your 110 percent. Spouse will have his/her own agenda to look into and you would need to extend your attention to help out.     Home front will be quiet and children will be progressing. I anticipate home improvement expenses due to upcoming marriage/celebration in the family. A family re union/gathering may give you much needed relief.     If you are thinking of buying a vehicle, you can go ahead and get a good deal now. There is not much of a change this fortnight in the on going state of affairs. March and April months would be interesting.  Lord Sun and reciting Aditya Hridayam would calm your nerves and strengthen your heart.       

(U. Phalguni , Hasta and Chitra 2 pada)
Planets and God have been very kind to you in terms of what they have given you. But as is your nature, dis satisfaction is always there . Mercurial nature makes others around you to rethink on having you as friend. I would suggest you to come out of self-centric thoughts and look around you. Start working on repairing and strengthening relationships with family and friends. Work front will be rewarding and will demand a lot of your attention. You would be worried about children and if you are thinking of starting a family you would think about it now. Small differences with spouse and elders will put your mind to restlessness during the weekend. If you were at fault, it would help to extend white flag now. A small religious celebration at home would most likely take place soon. You would be enjoying the company of friends and relatives. Take care of parent’s health. You too may be complaining of stomach problem associated with leg cramps. This might be due to food intake. Take due care of your eating habits. A bonus or release of funds is likely very soon. Keeping your paperwork thorough will help you a lot. Looking after old and infirm will be a good prayer and service to God.
(Chitra 3,4 pada Swati, Vishakha 3 pada)
This fortnight, you are going to have a period of extremes in almost everything. At the beginning, the mood will be at low and as the days progress, it will be a see saw thing. Money matters and health will occupy your mind for the rest of the time. A period of lows is indicated at your work front. This effect may percolate down to you and your co-workers. Some of you might have to start looking for an alternative job or do some extra work. Sudden health related matters are likely to come up. Eyes and stomach would be affected and some of you might have to undergo surgery. Sudden short trips are indicated and so are visits to meet relatives. A marriage or a religious event is indicated when you would meet near and dear ones from far off places. Offering worship to Kula Devatha would be beneficial.

(Visahakha 4th pada Anuradha and Jyestha)
Last fortnight was a bumpy ride for you and as the things stand, you are not yet out of the woods. A lot many scenes are played by the planets in the background and the effects will be felt in days to come. For the time being, a false sense of calm would prevail but the uneasiness will not leave you. If you are in late forties, it is important that you get yourself thoroughly checked for heart and sugar. Surprisingly people in IT sector have things to feel happy about, as their work would be much appreciated. New elevation in status and promotions will follow in days to come. Your car and home improvement will reduce your cash reserves. A call or a message from parents would leave you worried. Mother’s health will need to be looked into. Amidst all these things, there is also a time of wining, dining and partying for some of you. This will lift up your spirits. Your children will be a source of joy this fortnight and so will be your spouse. Offering worship at Ganapathy Temple is always good for you.

(Mula, P.shadha and 1st pada of U. Shadha)
As the things stand, you may have to keep a tight control over your speech and actions, as you are likely to create some hot atmosphere when dealing with people. Misunderstandings may force you to re think on certain issues at hand. A family member might oppose your way of thinking which you may not like. But that is how people are. You cannot force your plans, thinking and methods on people. Take it easy and keep calm. A small mishap or sudden illness may force you to visit your doctor and a minor surgery might be possible. A sort of restlessness will affect you. Take things positively and do not react. This is a temporary phase and you will be back to normal soon. At the office front, you would be stretched to re work your plans and proposals but ultimately you will turn to gain. Your computer and equipments will pose a problem by malfunctions and it is also likely that some of your files might get lost or misplaced. On top a letter from government may make you pass sleepless nights may come your way. So accept all that comes your way with stoic attitude. Silver lining is, you may be able to fetch a good price for land or building you might have wanted to sell. Acquisition of property is also indicated. Pray Lord Murugan and your problems will ease.
(U.shadha2, 3,4 padas, Shravan, Dhanishtha1, 2 padas)
Taking things easy and taking them for granted would show you that you have made a grave error. People would take you to task if you are serving under them and the situation arising out of this would make you react adversely. It will not do you any good if you react and take some hasty steps. You will be at losing end if you do so. Best thing for you to do is, to accept the facts and try and make amends. Though things look pretty tough in the beginning of the fortnight, they would ease as the time progresses. But any hasty decisions like offering to resign etc would only lead to further problems. Some of you will have to burn midnight oil to rework on your plans and proposals if you are in marketing field. IT sector people also will have to rework on their project with bugs and algorithms playing a major part in disruption. Spouse will be in morose mood and so will your friends. Let loose and enjoy an evening with them to ease the tension. Lord Shiva would bless you. chant “ Ohm Namah Shivaya’ and experience the Bliss.

(Dhanishtha3,4 padas,Shatabhisha,Pu. Bhadrapada 1,2,3 Padas)
What a way to start this fortnight ! What you sow, you reap. Your past errors will start showing effects and you may have some sleepless nights to your credit trying to repair things. Sweet talking your way out will ease the things a bit but better thing to do is to apply your mind and soul without any prejudice and take proper corrective actions.     Jupiter will help you to achieve your desired goal provided you act within the set rules.     A mini storm in the teacup should not be dilated under any situation. You should also take care of your health as Saturn will try and disrupt the normal well-being. Slipping or falling may result in injury needing immediate medical attention.     Please pay attention to your spouse’s needs. Elder siblings may also need your help/  A religious event or a celebration will come your way. Pray with all your heart and offer food to destitute and orphans.     
(Pu.Bhadrapada,U. Bhadrapada and Revathy)
You are having a mixed fortnight with very good and rough times intermixed. Starting with some worrisome three to four days, you would find that tensions are easing as the fortnight progresses. Gods are in favoring mood and so are the planets. But since you are a watery sign, you would feel the swings more on negative side than positive side. For no solid reasons, you would tend to worry and spoil your sleep. Children would be another source of your worry. . An elder sibling or an uncle may have sudden illness and you might be sought to help. On the work front, there is not much to worry about. People, who were jobless, would land jobs soon a religious celebration or a marriage in the family is on the cards. You would enjoy in the company of friends and relatives. Elderly people need to check on the sugar and blood pressure. Performing Gayatri Homam or doing Japam would give you a new strength. BE BLESSED

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