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Laughter brings a sense of lightness and freshness and infuses a new spirit.

All people laugh; but only a few can make others laugh. And only a specially gifted man can make a king, careworn with the burden of administration, laugh!

Laughter mirrors a man's nature. What does a man laugh at, whom does he make fun of and why-these can show how mature his mind is. A person, who laughs at the lame and the blind or at those who slip and fall on the road, shows his immaturity. So also the man who laughs in his vanity or to hurt the feelings of others. But humor which shows the foolish pride of others and tries to correct others is good humor which comes from a mind  free from poison is good humor.

Tenali Ramakrishna attained fame as a great jester. He was equally a great scholar and a poet. He was the author of one of the five great Telugu classics 'Panduranga Mahathme' (The Greatness of Panduranga).He was also the author of 'Ghatikachala Mahathme'

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