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IAGB Presents Food Festival And A College Workshop With Lokvani


IAGB and Lokvani.com Presents

Who should attend: 9th, 10th and 11th Grade STUDENTS and their PARENTS.
Date: Saturday November 4, 2006
Time / Place: 2PM - 5PM / Locke Middle School, Billerica, MA
To Attend: RSVP by  registering here

Applying to colleges can be very imposing and at times challenging for both high school students and their parents. To help you through this process, IAGB and Lokvani  has organized a FREE ‘College Admissions workshop’.

Workshop includes presentations by:
Admissions staff of several renowned colleges guiding you about
• what the admissions process entails
• what colleges are looking for
• opportunities to maximize your chances of securing admission

An Independent organization involved in helping you step-by-step
• from freshmen to senior level, through the college admissions process
• from interest identification to college essay writing etc.
• ensuring that the colleges get to see the best in you

Past students sharing their individual experiences about
• what worked and what didn’t as they navigated through admissions process

• advising on various professions to consider and sharing their professional experiences

Admissions staff from renowned colleges (eg Tufts, Northeastern, Bentley etc.), college coaching organization, past students and professionals from various fields will be speaking to address specific issues..Please  to get further information.


INDIAN FOOD FESTIVAL 2006 - An unparalleled culinary experience. Come sample delicacies from various parts of India

"The principal concept behind the food festival was to embark on a journey traversing the culinary classics from various parts of India. From the Maharashtrian Misal to the Bengali Mishti Doi, from the South Indian Idli to the North Indian Samosa, it was an effort to bring it all under one roof! The sight would be very similar to a food court, except that it would be an ‘All Indian’ food court". Says Aditi Taylor, leading the food event."Several local restaurants and caterers will be participating in the event. Everyone seems to be pretty thrilled with the concept. It is really exciting to be able to eat a variety of Indian food all in one place".

Date: November 4, 2006
Venue: Locke Middle School, Billerica, MA
Time: 4 pm – 8 pm 

Please RSVP no later than October 28th, 2006. or go to the website www.iagb.org.

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