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How Does Democracy Arise, Survive And Thrive - Essay Contest

Press Release

The Connecticut chapter of GOPIO welcomes you to our essay contest!

Write an Essay…Win $1000

How Does Democracy Arise, Survive And Thrive?
Eligibility: The 2006 GOPIO-CT Essay Contest is open to all high school and undergraduate college students. Please visit www.gopio.net for more eligibility information.                                         

Format: 1,000 to 1,500 words (three to five pages) in 12-point Times, New Roman (or similar) font, double-spaced, original work, with your name, school, grade level, e-mail address and telephone number.

Awards:  A first place winner and a second place winner will be chosen in two categories: The first category includes students 18 to 22 years of age. The second category includes students up to 18 years. The first place winners from each category will receive $1000 each, and the two second place winners will receive $500 each.

The awards will be presented in an award ceremony, in Stamford, Connecticut on or around August 15, 2006.

Judging: Submissions are judged by a GOPIO-CT appointed Committee.

Deadline: Submissions must be sent to GOPIO by July 10th. Winners will Be announced and notified by July 30th. Please e-mail entries to: Abhijit Nagaraj at abhi388@comcast.net  (attach file to e-mail and paste essay text in body of message). Microsoft Word attachments are preferred.

Questions: If you have any questions, call or email:
Mr. Abhijit Nagaraj  abhi388@comcast.net  (203) 431-8836) or Mr. Suti Prakash sutiprakash@yahoo.com  (203) 322-5431

Remember to visit GOPIO.net for detailed information!


Global Organization of People of Indian Origin


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