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Satsang Center Celebrates Gayatri Jayanti 2006

Press Release

In the midst of spring showers, a congregation of about 300 devotees participated in a joyous spiritual celebration of “Gayatri Jayanti & Ganga Dashahara” at Satsang Center, Woburn, on June 3rd , 2006. “Deep Yagya”, was at the core of this celebration. Which is a contemporary version of traditional Yagya, conceived and developed by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, for popularizing the philosophy of Yagya for the busy lifestyle of modern times. The serene spring evening started with traditional chanting of  Sri Hanuman Chalisa and followed by  “Pragya Geets” (inspirational bhajans) melodiously rendered by Preeti Nagar and Sangeeta Saxena. Master ParamVyom, age 14, enchanted the audience with his skillful accompaniment on tabla. The entire celebration was interspersed with the elucidation of  the philosophy behind all the rituals performed throughout  the evening. Sanjay Saxena rendered the commentary based on  the philisophy of Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya. The Yagya/Pujan celebration was presided by Sangeeta.

During the celebration special Puja of (1) Veda-Mata, (2) Deva-Mata (3) Vishva-Mata (4) Hansa and (5) Ganga-Mata  was performed. After the special puja, all the devotees participated in the “Gayatri Mantra Aahutis”.  “Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Aahutis” were also offered for the devotees, whose birthday’s and wedding anniversaries fall in the current calendar month. Mantra were chanted to bless the recently graduating students also.

At the conclusion of  Yagya, all participants took vows to give up one bad habit and inculcate one good habit for the continued progress and refinement  of their lives as a part of  “Dev-Dakshina Purnahuti”. The program was a huge success with the active participation of  Satsang volunteers. Anjali and Apurva More sponsored the maha-prasad with great devotion and love, There were about ten sponsors, who cpntributed to success of the celebration.

Gayatri Parivar also celebrates the Gayatri Jayanti  as a Maha-Samadhi Divas of its founder Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya who left his physical body in the morning of Gayatri Jayanti in 1990 and entered into the Sukshma-Jagat (subtle world). Acharyaji pioneered the revival of spirituality through creative integration of modern science and ancient Dharmic Traditions relevant for challenging circumstances of modern times. According to Him, the “perversion  of thoughts” is the root cause of  crisis in individual, familiy, social and world affairs in contemporary times. The only way out of  this desperate situation is “total thought revolution”,  which He termed as “Vichar Kranti”.  “Gayatri Sadhana and Yagya”  are the most effective techniques or technology for pulling the humanity out of this current crisis as a prime enabler of  “Vichar Kranti”.

Volunteers of Gayatri Parivar of Massachusetts are actively providing services to facilitate and perform much sought after family ceremonies which are integral part of Hindu tradition. Please check www.Gayatri.info or www.satsangcenter.org more information and upcoming events' flyers.

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