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Showcase India 2006

Press Release

The IYG or Indian Youth Group of India Society of Worcester celebrated their Showcase India on April 2, 2006 with colorful dances and music. It was held at Westborough High School and it was a great success.

Thanks to Aurnab Bando, President of IYG, Nikhil Shah, VP, Sumeera Gupta, Secretary, Nitya Durvasula, Assistant Secretary, Sachin Patel, Treasurer and to all the members of IYG such as:

Sumana Setty
Isha Parulkar
Anshul Parulkar
Suchi Mitra
Shivi Garg
Rahul Modi
Shivani Jain
Anu Garg
Esha Bawa

They worked diligently and consistently to make this event the one to remember. There was participation from the Indian Community, which is unprecedented. Mr. Shri Garg worked along with our youth group as an advisor and did an excellent job.

The program started with a speech from Mr. Shri Garg, who then passed it on to the President of India Society of Worcester Mrs. Meera Gupta. She thanked the Youth Group for doing such a fine job. She also thanked Mrs. Carolyn Passey and acknowledged her dedication and perseverance to the success of the Youth Group.

The program began with Bhajans sang by the children under the superb guidance of Mrs. Neelima Chaturvedi. Then it went on to dances performed by children of all ages. Everyone did so well that it is difficult to take one item apart from the others. They dazzled the audience with colorful costumes and fine jewelry. There were all kinds of dances starting from hip hop to traditional Indian folk dances and the children performed with a lot of charisma and sophistication. After the intermission the children of Raganjali School of music enchanted the audience with some classical based songs. Among the dance choreographers were Jasmine Shah, Darshana Jani, Mitali Biswas, Bhavana Srivastava, Sreyashi Kanjilal, Shwaita Jain, Sapna Krishnan, Harini Murthy, Karishma Navani.

All the dances were excellent. Towards the end of the program was the dance “Rangeela Ruth Aayo hamaro Gaon mein” choreographed by Mitali Biswas. It was vibrant dance and the performers brought out the spirit of Spring with their colorful costumes and fantastic dance performance. Mitali Biswas is a Freshman at the University of Massachusetts and as Shweta Athilat said they really worked hard to put together this dance item.

The MC’s in the first half were Aurnab Bando, Anu Garg, Nitya Durvasula & Shivani Jain and for the second half they were Sumeera Gupta, Puja Mehta, Esha Bawa & Nikhil Shah. It goes without saying that they did a fantastic job. In short, we came out of the auditorium with a lot of pride in our youth group.

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