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Praful Thakkar

Yes, there are few readers who were answered the question ‘When was SHOLAY released? What was the name of the theater where it ran for five years? For the name of the readers who sent correct answers, click here. Though I must congratulate Ajay Khambadkone who answered in about an hour of release of our eMagazine. 
So SHOLAY was not the best film of the year – 1975. It was DEEWAR! If Gabbar questioned ‘Kitney Aadmi the?’ in SHOLAY, Shashi Kapoor answered ‘Mere Paas Ma Hain’. It was an era where dialogue writers dominated the films. Both the films has Salim-Javed as dialogue writers and here, too, the Filmfare award went to Deewar! ‘Bahut Na-Insafi Hai’!!! 

The biggest ‘Na-insafi’ was – both Sholay and Deewar were released in 1975.  

Both the movie had ‘BOSS’ Pancham (R D Burman) as music director but music was not considered as a strong point of these films. 

Deewar went on to win all the major Filmfare awards. Other than the best film, Yash Chopra won the award for best director, Shashi Kapoor for best supporting actor and Salim-Javed for best dialogue and best story. 

Deewar is a story of a good against bad, evil versus good, criminal versus a police officer. And both of them were born to one ‘Ma’! All the ingredients for the film to be dramatic and successful at the box-office. The performances were powerful and this was one of the movies where mother had one of the most significant roles. 

Incidently, Nirupa Roy was not the first choice for this role. It was, originally, Waheeda Rehman. But after playing Amithabh’s wife in Kabhi Kabhie, Yash Chopra was concerned about casting her as Amitabh’s mother in this film. 

Parveen Babi had a small but an important role in this film. This was one of the last movies for Neetu Singh who went on to be a daughter-in-law of Kapoor khandaan and was paired against Rishi’s uncle – Shashi Kapoor. 

In the end, surely the good wins but the ‘bad’ was not really bad, as such. The circumstances made him what he was – but he always loved his mom and whatever he did, was for his mother. Even today, you’d remember those scenes where angry Vijay complains to God and finally, Vijay breathe his last breath in mother’s lap. 


On a side note ----

Amithabh Bacchhan was in a lead role in both DEEWAR, this super hit was released in 1975 and another one, in 2004. 

Amithabh has used a screen name of Vijay in about 18 movies, so far. 

As a symbol of modern Bollywood, Parveen Babi was the first actress to make it to the cover of Time magazine. 

Before the Quiz Corner, here’s some Fun Corner – Do you remember Vivek Oberoi? Or should I say – ‘Kyun, Kho Gaya Na?’ 

For the Quiz of this issue, of course, on Deewar, click here.

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